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3 new Cookie Run games announced by Devsisters studio

New Cookie Run games announced by Devsisters

Cookie Run Universe soon to compete with MCU? Maybe not, but it's a big step the license is taking with this week's announcement. The next Cookie Run: Oven Smash title is set to be released in 2022, while 2 other games from the studio are currently in the works, again on mobile. Here's a look at the 3 titles announced by Devsisters.

The next Devsisters title, Cookie Run: Oven Smash, extends the cookie fight even further. Following the success of Cookie Run: Kingdom, this title will be released in the second half of 2022 worldwide. Cookies return to the fray as they compete in a real-time arena combat game. This brawler features an expansive map with platforming settings and strategic battles with each cookie's own skills.

Cookie Run Oven Smash to be released in 2022

Devsisters will bring Cookie Run: Oven Smash to Android and iOS mobiles as well as Steam. The Cookie Run universe will therefore be extended to PC players in the coming months to further boost the popularity of the licence.

As a reminder, Cookie Run: Oven Break (a mobile runner) and Puzzle World (a match-3) are already in the cookie universe.

Cookie Run: Witch's Castle

Cookie Run: Witch's Castle is only the working title of the game in production at Devsisters. Although there is not much information about it at the moment, it has been reported that it has been in production for some time last year and will be developing the sequel to Oven Smash.

Cookie Run: Witch's Castle announcement

Indeed, the surviving cookies from the Oven Smash oven made the decision to venture into the castle. However, they were surprised by the spells of the place that keep them in the witch's labyrinth. Inside, the gameplay will mix puzzle and adventure with decoration phases.

Cookie Run: Project B

In addition to puzzle and arena combat, the Cookie Run licence will soon get a casual genre title. Currently titled Cookie Run: Project B, the game is set to be acooperative and accessibleaction title. Strategy will still be present and cookie skills will be unique to offer more immersion in the Cookie Run culinary universe.

Cookie Run: Project B cooperative action game from Devsisters

No specific release date has yet been announced for these new Cookie Run games although we know that Oven Smash is next on the release list. Finally, if you are currently playing the latest Devsisters Corporation title, feel free to grab the Cookie Run: Kingdom codes available on our list.

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