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It's the 8th ClashAnniversary of Clash of Clans!

8th Clashanniversary of Clashs of Clans

Supercell can count on several successful games that have made its reputation. Among them, Clash of Clans (Coc) celebrates its 8th Clashanniversary! Since 2012, Supercell has come a long way and the game has established itself as one of the heavyweights of mobile gaming. Constantly at the top of the various rankings, CoC can count on an active and constantly growing community.

Supercell has decided to reward players with a special anniversary update that offers a multitude of gifts.

A special cake for the Clashanniversary

Every year, Clash of Clans celebrates its Clashanniversary with a special cake. So it's no surprise that a new version for 2020 has been released. With a candle in the shape of an 8 you can't miss the exact age of the game.

Especially since to get the cake, you have to pay 8,888 gold coins to get 88,888 in return. A purchase that is therefore rather profitable!

A Clashanniversay that's celebrated with cake.
A cake that makes a gift.

A free statue

New in this year's Clashanniversary, Supercell has created a free decorative statue! Be a shame to pass it up, don't you think?

A free statue for the clashanniversary.
A decorative statue to celebrate the event.

Clashanniversary deals for a limited period of time

Like many free-to-play games, Clash of Clans offers the opportunity to purchase exclusive content to help you progress faster. During the Clashanniversary, players have even more incentive to start trading. For each trade, the shopkeeper will give you a bonus magic item that is completely free of charge.
Whether it's a training potion, research potion or construction potion, the gift is random. However, don't be greedy, it's impossible to win a grimoire with these clashanniversary deals.

Special deals for the clashanniversary.
Come and collect magical bonus items!

An event for a month

Players will be able to celebrate the Clashanniversary throughout the month. Several events will take place with various games and rewards to be won. The exact schedule is not yet known, as Supercell wants to keep a few surprises in store for his community.
It is quite possible that special anniversary troops will be temporarily available.

The king of the party has arrived for the Clashanniversary.

It's time to party for Clashanniversary!

We previously had a skin Grand Warden, this year we will have a skin Barbarian King for this 8th anniversary.

The rewards of the Gold Pass will therefore be even more generous this year. Supercell hopes to increase the loyalty of its gaming community.
Who among you has been a loyal player since 2012? 😉

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