Aggretsuko releases a mobile game on Android and iOS

The mobile game Aggretsuko: Short Timer Strikes Backs is coming

The cute little red panda is coming to your phone, on theApp Store and Google Play! Inspired by the Japanese anime Aggretsuko, the development studio Hive, is launching the mobile game Aggretsuko: Short Timer Strikes Backs.
The work, which became known by its appearance on Netflix from 2018, is very popular among fans. Offbeat humor and societal topics hidden behind an innocent and kawai figure (world of work, place of women, etc.), we love it!
While season 3 is set to be released on August 27, this mobile puzzle game Candy Crush-type game can be a good way to wait until then. You can find your favourite characters and popular clips to unlock.

The game Aggretsuko is already available on mobile

Aggretsuko: Short Timer Strikes Backs has already arrived on mobile. It shouldn't be too hard to find in the Apple or Android shops, especially if you use the new design filters. After some technical difficulties on the day of its release, July 27, everything seems to be back to normal.

A mobile launch is rarely without problems, and Aggretsuko: Short Timer Strikes Backs was no exception.

The game is free-to-play and is aimed at the general public (PEGI 3). After being tested in a closed beta in Canada in early July, the game received rather positive reviews. If not all fans are puzzle gamers, it is nevertheless difficult to resist the charms of Aggretsuko. Moreover, the game seems to be quite effective in passing the time without pressure.

A cute universe, but only in appearance

For those who have not seen the series on Netflix, Aggretsuko is a very interesting character. In a world full of appearances, the little red panda is a model employee who hides a heavy secret. She is an unconditional fan of hard rock. But beyond her hidden passion, she also has to repress a multitude of feelings (anger, revolt, exasperation, etc.) in an unfair working world that is very similar to the real world. There is a heavy hierarchy , favouritism and sexism.

The teaser of the mobile game Aggretsuko: Short Timer Strikes Backs

The game will follow the original storyline to some extent. Since the levels will give you stars, useful to decorate the desk. Above all, they give access, once successful, to clips from the series that will make you smile!

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