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The new Among Us Hide n Seek mode

The new Among Us Hide n Seek mode

Get ready to kill as many crewmates as possible in the new Among Us Hide n Seek game mode, available in PC, console and mobile versions. Let's find out what the trailer reveals about this game mode where impostors will have to hunt down and kill all the members of the ship with their faces exposed.

Among Us Hide & Seek game mode released

During the Game Awards 2022 ceremony, Innersloth unveiled the trailer of the new Among Us Hide n Seek game mode. A Hide and Seek game mode was already available in the game via an unofficial mod, just like the Cupid, Sheriff or Town of Us modes. However, if the studio has kept the name of the famous children's game, the rules of the games are quite different.

Indeed, where impostors are hidden among the crewmates in the standard Among Us games, they will be identifiable at first glance in Hide n Seek as they walk around with their mouths wide open, revealing their sharp teeth and wagging tongues. On the other hand, as in the main mode, the goal of the imposters is to kill all the innocent people to win.

On the crewmates' side, the goal is to successfully complete their tasks while avoiding the imposters' path. To do this, the visual advantage is reversed in the Hide n Seek games in Among Us, with the innocents enjoying a greater range of vision than their pursuers.

In addition, innocent crew members can now use map events, such as doors or communications, to stop imposters in their cold-blooded slaughter.

Surprises and new cosmetics

Despite everything we know at the moment, Among Us' Hide n Seek game mode still has some surprises in store for us, such as the mysterious screams, the effects of which we don't yet know.

In addition to this new game mode, new cosmetics and pets are available in the store, such as the Benoit Blanc's skin, the main character of the investigative films Knives Out and its sequel, Glass Onion, which arrives on Netflix on December 23, 2022.

Among Us Hide n Seek mode gameplay

As a reminder, Among Us recently made news with the arrival of the VR version on PC, which allows players to enjoy the game in virtual reality with an added dose of stress.

So much for the new Among Us Hide n Seek game mode, which you can find right now on Android, iOS, PC and consoles. So don't wait any longer and play hide and seek with your friends in this mode that is likely to cause less shouting than the main mode, where victory goes to the most manipulative.

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