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Among Us: a 5th map and many new features coming soon

map 5 Among Us

Fasten your seatbelts! Innersloth has announced its battle plan for Among Us and the studio has a lot of new things planned for the game. Even if the little astronauts are less popular than they used to be, there is still a big community of followers. The latter must be salivating, as a 5th Among Us map is in the pipeline. It won't arrive alone, the studio is also planning to integrate new roles ! We're not talking about various community mods to be downloaded and integrated manually, but roles directly integrated by the game developers. This is good news for players who will be able to diversify their game experience and avoid bugs and compatibility issues.

Innersloth also announced the future introduction of new colours, trophies and the arrival of the game on even more platforms.

5th Map Among Us and new game mode

A 5th Map Among Us will be released in the future, but we don't know much more about it. There's currently no date set, or even a preview... But if the studio follows the same procedure as for The Airship, we should discover the new map little by little. As lobby to 15 are also in the air (with even more colour choices), we can assume that it will be rather large. So we should expect a map closer to The Airship than to The Skeld, where at 15 we might step on each other's toes... If everyone meets at Electrical, it would be a bit Covid-friendly!

For the time being, it is the Hide & Seek game mode that should be included in the official version of Among Us. This popular game mode consists of surviving a bloodthirsty assassin. Invented by the community, it required everyone to respect the gentleman rules... Which is not always easy for a community used to manipulate and betray. But with this official integration, there will be no more need to worry. For the moment, Innersloth has not said anything about Mods Lovers, Town of Us or Sheriff.

Visor Cosmetics Among Us

Trophies and more crossplatform

In addition to the 5th Map Among Us, which should attract new players, Innersloth is also targeting new markets. The game will soon be released on Playstation and Xbox. Most players play on mobile (free) or PC(free thanks to our tip), but as the game is cross-platform all players will be able to join in.

Finally, by adding a trophy system to reward astronauts' progress, Innersloth is spoiling its community and ensuring its loyalty!

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