Apple Arcade changes its subscription strategy

Apple Arcade changes its strategy

Launched on 19 September 2019, the Apple Arcade service is changing its strategy after mixed results. The service offers access to various games on all Apple devices (smartphones, computers and tablets) for a monthly subscription fee.
The main advantage of this subscription at the rather attractive price of €4.99 per month is to offer a game experience without any advertising. But despite this potentially interesting offer, Apple Arcade is struggling to take off and the company has made some important decisions for the future. Firstly: to get rid of the poor performers.

A great start, but the results were half bad.

Discarding the least effective games

Apple Arcade entices potential consumers by offering access to over 120 games via its subscription. However, quantity and quality do not necessarily go hand in hand. Some games would be too ineffective because they are not engaging enough. In order to make its subscription profitable, Apple is seeking to build loyalty among its players so that they keep their monthly subscription.

However, several games are not dynamic enough (few updates) or have a limited lifespan (a clear beginning and end). As a result, Apple Arcade has notified the developers concerned that they will no longer continue the adventure together and will no longer be offered in the subscription.

The American company has not yet communicated a precise or official list. It is therefore impossible to know the names of the rejected games. However, all is not lost for these developers who learned the news in April. Apple will compensate them all.

The Grindstone game cited as a model

Apple Arcade has therefore decided to reduce the diversity of its offer to focus on more specific games. Among the good examples, he reportedly cited the game Grindstone (Capy Games) to the developers. The idea would be to offer games that make players commit to the long term. Rather than betting on players chasing one licence after another, the aim is to keep players loyal to the same game for as long as possible.

Grindstone Apple Arcade
An example for other developers to follow.

Proof that the subscription didn't work very well, the free month of subscription has been reviewed. Apple Arcade has offered a second month in an attempt to tempt and retain customers.

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