ArcheAge War to be released on March 21, the next MMORPG from Kakao Games on PC and mobile

ArcheAge War mobile released in Korea on Android and iOS

This week is full of quality MMOs. In order to put the best foot forward, Kakao games presented ArcheAge War in a trailer on mobile and PC with gameplay and beautiful images. Gamers around the world are gathering around the next installment of the ArcheAge license. The latter is currently starting a soft launch in Korea on March 21 and has not yet revealed a possible global release date. But, if you have a VPN handy, find out in this article if you're more interested in the release of ArcheAge War than any other MMORPG.

ArcheAge War released in Korea: what about the worldwide launch?

In the different trailers, we meet the scenario and the gameplay possibilities of ArcheAge War at its release. Indeed, the story of this opus takes place before the division of the continent, with 5 playable races and other hostile or friendly races. The developers describe this project as an improvement of the original game (to be tested from their official website) with an important PvP focus.

Cinematic of ArcheAge War on mobile in Korea

As a result, ArcheAge War emphasizes the confrontation between players in its gameplay. The moves and spells of the players have a strong impact and sensations worked, until the dismemberment of bosses and monsters depending on the targeted areas. In your build, combine passive and active skills with special sequences linked to other characters or vehicles for a unique cocktail of power.

For the moment, we have no information about the release of ArcheAge mobile outside of Korea. But we are hopeful and we will keep an eye out for an official press release!

PvP at all scales

This week, the MMORPGs Wars of Prasia, Pax Dei and ArcheAge War have been talking about release and immersive PvP without technological constraints. But Kakao Games is taking the challenge of taking these battles further... to the oceans.

And, since the title was developed around its naval battles and large-scale combat across all mediums, this could also explain the choice of a controlled regional launch. For now, ArcheAge War will be released in South Korea on March 21 with 16 servers already filled.

The game will be linked to Kakao talk, a game info tracking and chat app to keep your connection with the world of ArcheAge War, which currently has no global release date.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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