Arknights' 1st birthday: a shower of gifts

anniversary of Arknights

Game studio Yostar is currently facing a busy schedule. In addition to the holiday season, it is celebrating theanniversary of its flagship tower defence gameArknights. The gacha was released worldwide last January and is about to blow out its first birthday. For this occasion, Arknights has decided to treat its community. To reward players for their loyalty, the game has planned numerous in-game events, with gifts at the end. Do you find this a bit classic? Yostar has anticipated your criticism and has concocted other surprises that were presented during a special live event. Among them, an art contest and exclusive musical collaborations, including one with the famous DJ Steve Aoki!

The replay of the live event is available on YouTube for those who missed it!

As a reminder, Arknights is a free-to-play mobile game available on iOS and Android. However, there is also a trick to play this tower defense from your PC. Just use our guide and use an emulator.

Arknights birthday: how not to miss a single award

With the anniversary of Arknights, the developer team has chosen to spoil the players. They won't know where to turn to get free rewards . To make sure you don't miss out, here's the list of gifts to pick up.

  • Anniversary Registration Event Open: a one-time login reward, limited to one per account. You have to be logged in before January 13th to get your chance.
  • Anniversary Sign-In Event Open: up to 14 rewards (Emergency Sanity Potion, White Horse Kohl, Amiya Outfit...) to be collected daily from 30 December to 13 January
  • Free Exclusive Headhunting : Players get a free raise every day until the end of the Arknights Anniversary Event
  • Operator Savage: All players will receive the 5 Star Operator Savage at the beginning of the event via an in-game message. For those who already have this character, you will receive a token instead. This token can be used as an upgrade material.
Arknights anniversary: Savage

In addition to these rewards in-game, Yostar Limited has organised an art contest with DeviantArt. So don't hesitate to send in your most beautiful creations: there are many prizes to be won (worth $18,000).

Integration of three new Operators

TheArknights anniversary will also see the introduction of three new characters: Weedy (Specialist), Elysium (Vanguard) and W (Sniper). The latter is a 6-star mercenary who will only be available for a limited time. With an arsenal full of explosives (grenade, mine, bomb), she promises to make sparks fly.

Arknights anniversary: new operators
THRM-EX also makes an appearance but it is a separate case...

Don't panic for Weedy and Elyisium. They are permanently part of the headhunting and can be recruited later.

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