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MAJ Arknights

The tower defence game, Arknights , has implemented a new update recently. With the name Children of Ursus, it brings several new features. Among the most notable, 7 new stories to discover, new maps and new Operators ! Among them is a new 6-star rated character ! The flurry of new content should satisfy the gaming community.

This Chinese mobile game was released in 2019 (January 2020 for Europe). Available on iOS and Android , it successfully uses some of the mechanics of gacha games. Very complete and borrowing strengths from different genres, the latest Arknights update, adds even more depth to the story and gameplay.

The trailer of the event

Arknights in a nutshell

Arknights is a tower defense style game. It does not propose to build various military buildings on a battlefield. It's about defending your base by recruiting "Operators". These are characters that each have their own characteristics, power level and rarity (classified by number of stars). There are Operators specialised in hand-to-hand combat, in ranged combat or in support.

As you progress through the game, you get new resources. These are used to recruit additional characters or to upgrade existing ones to gain power. Your base is also customizable and offers many strategic choices. Be smart as the world outside Arknights is particularly hostile. Set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world, the world is populated by mythical creatures and people infected with a deadly disease.

Arknights update: what's new

The Arkignts update makes the game more dynamic to keep the community on its toes. Yostar Limited, the development studio, does well to take care of its players, the mobile game sector is indeed rather volatile and player loyalty is not easy to earn.

With Children of Ursus they will have the opportunity to discover 7 new stories integrated into a special event. These stories follow the lives of seven surviving Operators , providing insight into the game world and the tragedy that caused the global outbreak. While playing the event, you will also have the opportunity to collect rewards redeemable items in the shop. These include Absinthe, a 5-star Operator.

Rosa MAJ Arknights
Rosa promises to be deadly.

In addition to Absinthe, the Arknights upgrade includes the sniper Rosa (6 stars), the mage Leonhardt (4 stars) and the support character Podenco (3 stars). With 6 stars, Rosa gets all the attention. With a huge range and high damage, the Operator will also have a skill to immobilize enemies for a long period of time.
She is a great addition to your team!

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