Awaken: Chaos Era released worldwide

Release of Awaken: Chaos Era, a classic gacha game

Awaken: Chaos Era has been awaited for many months and has just been released. Thanks to its pre-registrations, the game has already accumulated over 100,000 installations in one day. Let's discover together this classic mobile gacha with nice graphics.

The classic codes of gacha in Awaken: Chaos Era

In the world of Awaken, darkness and light are engaged in an eternal battle. The precarious peace has been broken and heroes will have to rise to restore it and lead this endless struggle. It will be up to you to gather as many of them as possible and to compose your team by skilfully using their synergies.

Right from the start, Awaken: Chaos Era is packed with game modes. If PvP isn't enough for you, you can enjoy a large PvE campaign, multiplayer guild battles, bounty hunting and even roguelike dungeons. Here's the game's trailer, which reveals more about the battle timeline system and in-game graphics, between hero boosts, combat and colourful cinematics.

Taking advantage of Awaken: Chaos Era's release to test the game may not be the ideal option. Indeed, unless you need to get your rewards pre-registration back, beta tester accounts have not been reset. Therefore, without a new server, you will find yourself facing 30-40 level players when you are just starting out. Whether you want to test it immediately or in a few days, you can already download the game on Android or iOS.

Graphics Awaken Chaos Era

If you're looking for good gacha, check out our top gacha games on mobile. For my part, if you're looking for a slightly different experience from the classics of the genre, I can recommend Summoners War: Lost Centuria to those who like grind PvP and Figure Fantasy 3D to those looking for beautiful visuals and an original theme.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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