Battle of Polytopia x DeepMind for better battles against AI

Battle of Polytopia teams up with DeepMind AI

The mobile game Battle of Polytopia has just launched on the DeepMind open platform called AndroidEnv. The developer of this strategic combat game at turn-based, Midjiwan, announced the collaboration only a few hours ago!

Battle of Polytopia game image
Battle of Polytopia game image

Battle of Polytopia partners with DeepMind for AI VS

You already know the mobile game Battle of Polytopia, a great strategy game with a battle system at turn-based ! In this game, your goal is to build a new civilisation by playing as a tribal leader. With competitive features, Battle of Polytopia offers you the possibility to play in multiplayer, but also in single player mode against the computer! Good old VS AI. It is this aspect of the game that is exploited here by the AndroidEnv virtual platform powered by DeepMind.

But then, you might ask, what is the DeepMind project? It is a group of engineers and scientists working on the concept ofartificial intelligence (AI). Among their current projects, they have set up themobile open platform "AndroidEnv", on which the collab with Battle of Polytopia will be based.

The game offers players the opportunity to integrate a square-shaped environment and play among the 16 tribes available. Three worlds are open: Perfection, Domination and Creative. Christian Lövstedt, CEO of Midjiwan, is very happy with this collaboration, as he says his game is very popular among the so-called brainiacs. This is a new development and a new chapter for his strategy game! It is quite possible that other mobile strategy games will be interested in this formula if the concept works as expected...

Towards better player vs AI matches

Watch out, because this time you will be playing against a very powerful AI! Remember that DeepMind was acquired by Google in 2014, so it is increasingly advanced in its research.

The aim of this collaboration is to improve matches against AIs by using players and analysing their performance. In addition, the AIs proposed in this collaboration are specially designed for the BoP game, to ensure high quality matches!

DeepMind also commented on the collaboration with Battle of Polytopia: "We are very excited to have started this collaboration with Midjiwan, the creators of the game Battle of Polytopia, in order to integrate their game as an AndroidEnv operation. We found this game to be an interesting challenge, in terms of its multitude of features. Features such as long-term planning, sometimes imperfect information and various user interface elements."

We just hope that this technological advance will live up to our expectations. Maybe it will offer, as promised, a better experience for the most experienced players! The AI proposed by DeepMind is precisely made to be at the level of a human (among the most intelligent), so watch out! Test the game for yourself before you face the version published on DeepMind, the game is available on Android and iOS.

So what do you think of this initiative? Is playing Battle of Polytopia against a DeepMind AI a good idea? Do you think it could offer a better gaming experience?

Eleysiss Survival, craft, BR, FPS, MMORPG... In short, discovery and fighting! What more could you ask for?

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