Battle Royale Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier: gameplay images!


Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is a new game in the Final Fantasy franchise for mobile. We already told you about it, but today, The First Soldier is finally presented with more details and will be the subject of a beta test very soon. Here is the latest information and the first gameplay images of this brand new mobile Battle Royale.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier: a fantastic mobile Battle Royale game!

Square Enix surprised many with the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PS5. Indeed, the studio also highlighted two other titles in the Final Fantasy franchise. The first, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, will be a sort of combination of different storylines related to the FF VII universe. The second is a battle royale called Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier.

This is the very first Battle Royale in the Final Fantasy epic. The story takes place 30 years before the events of FF VII Remake and will therefore follow the codes of the genre. Only one will remain! The drop will take place from a helicopter on a map with known places in Midgard. Several vehicles can be flown and a wide range of weapons will be available on the map. 75 players will be dropped onto the map, with the aim of surviving by collecting weapons and armour. Players will be able to choose between three classes: mage, monk or warrior.

For more information on the gameplay, follow this replay of a live event hosted by Square Enix. The game is presented by Shoichi Ichikawa, producer, and Tetsuya Nomura, creative director:

The beta test starts soon... but not here!

The mobile game is expected to be released this year with a closed beta phase test from June 1-7, 2021. A test beta of FF VII The First Soldier only available in the United States, Canada, and Japan. In addition, this phase of test will only take place on Android platforms. No test phase is planned for European players at the moment! However, we can assume that the game will still be available in 2021. Probably in the autumn. 🤞

As for the beta tests, it is already possible to pre-register on the official website (if you live in the US or Canada). Of course, you can keep an eye on this page, in anticipation of a beta test in Europe.

Tell us what you think of this new initiative from Square Enix! Are you looking forward to playing a Battle Royale in the Final Fantasy universe? If you're interested in mobile Battle Royale, you can always check out our Top 10 best mobile BR !

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