New PvP mode on Blade & Soul Revolution: Faction Warfare

Faction War: Blade & Soul Pvp mode

Blade & Soul Revolution has been available to almost everyone since its global release on March 4th. If you've been lagging behind, there's still time to jump in and progress alongside your friends. They need you even more with the latest update. This update introduces a new Blade & Soul PvP mode. Choose your side in the Faction War and show that your clan is the best!

The new game mode presented in video.

Faction Warfare: How does this Blade & Soul PvP game mode work?

Players can choose between two factions: the Cerulan Order or the Crimson Legion. The first side plays it collectively and favours the common good, while the second gives priority to individual freedoms. But in the end, your choice won't really have any consequences and it's mostly an opportunity to start a good big fight. The confrontation promises to be epic and can gather up to 500 players per server!

The battle takes place in real time, every day at 8.50 pm. It's up to you to score points for your team, knowing that the one who wins will offer buffs to all its members! To encourage you to participate in this new Blade & Soul PvP mode, Netmarble is offering free chests. 😃

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