BlueStacks 5: Android Mobile Gaming on PC has no limits!

BlueStacks 5 Android emulator for PC

We've been following BlueStacks news closely and we knew something was coming from their side. Indeed, a big news has arrived! This is the latest version of the emulator: BlueStacks 5. This new creation brings a lot of improvements and new features. BlueStacks was already the best PC Android emulator on the market, and this new version puts it even higher in the rankings, widening the gap with its competitors.
Performance, versatility, ease of use, optimization of your PC's resources consumption, the list of BlueStacks' assets is long. Let's take a look at some of the new features and functionality BlueStacks 5 has to offer.

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Optimisation of RAM usage

If, like us, you are an avid BlueStacks user, then you will have noticed that the emulator is still far superior in terms of performance and resource consumption than any Android phone, even the most powerful on the market. Moreover, the experience offered by BlueStacks is really differentiating compared to other emulators we know (Nox, LDPlayer or MEmu).

What's new with BlueStacks 5 is that it optimises your resources even further. Indeed, this new version promises to use 40% less RAM. What's in it for you? To be able to run the multi-instance mode without lag and to use other applications on the side, in all fluidity.

A redesigned, minimalist user interface with BlueStacks 5

The user interface (UI), which was already very intuitive and easy to use, has been given a facelift. Always in the spirit of efficiency, a cleaner interface makes sense. The side panel is slimmer, incorporating all the buttons you need. The settings menu has been optimised so that the most frequently used functions are brought to the fore.

BlueStacks 5 user interface

Speed is also a priority when running applications. You can run several games at the same time without any navigation problems. You can switch from one app to another more smoothly. In fact, you can also return to the home screen using the "Home" or "Recent Apps" buttons.

FPS lock depending on your screen

It's fine to offer to run games with great performance, it's less fine when framerates are capped, but the games demand to run at higher FPS. For example, some games are set to run at over 100 FPS. However, if your screen is a 60 or 75 Hz, the game is sending frame for nothing since your screen will not be able to increase its refresh rate.

BlueStacks 5 now allows you to lock in your FPS based on your screen refresh rate. This has several advantages: your games run smoother and your components avoid unnecessary overheating with extremely demanding games.

Long, stable game sessions

This version of BlueStacks 5 has been designed to keep long game sessions stable, uninterrupted and lag-free. You can now run your games for as long as you like in the background of your desktop, without fear of crashes or other inconveniences. This new feature is called "Long Flight".

BlueStacks Rise of Kingdoms

Wonderful news for RPG gachas and strategy games, among others, that need to stay running to optimise farming thanks to the creation of multi-instance macros. Incidentally, this option has been tested with games like Epic Seven and Rise of Kingdoms running for over 10 hrs without interruption. 👍

Enhanced Eco Mode and optimised Instance Manager

Speaking of multi-instance, players of RoK and similar games will be delighted. Even if Bluestacks 4 was already quite efficient in allowing you to run your games in the background with macros, BlueStacks 5 is even more optimized in this respect. Indeed, this is where the new Eco Mode comes in. More efficient, it consumes up to 87% less CPU resources and 97% less GPU resources.

BlueStacks 5 Eco Mode

This means that thanks to these optimizations, you will be able to run many more simultaneous instances in the background without any problems. The emulator will take care of reducing the framerates of your multiple instances as much as possible, without affecting your main instance. To give you an idea, up to 3 farm accounts on Rise of Kingdoms run without any lag.

BlueStacks 5 developed in compliance with safety standards

We regularly talk about this when we offer our emulator installation tutorials on specific games. Indeed, if we use BlueStacks 4, and now BlueStacks 5, it is also for the security guarantee they provide. Even though BlueStacks is a US-based company, they follow the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) standards of each country, according to the legislation in force.
This means that you can play mobile games on your PC safely, without fear of being hacked or being subject to fraudulent commercial operations.

Minimum system requirements to install BlueStacks 5

You don't need to have a powerful computer to run BlueStacks 5, but you should make sure that your graphics drivers are up to date. Here are the minimum requirements:

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel or AMD
  • RAM: at least 2 GB
  • HDD: 5 GB free space

If you want to install BlueStacks 5 on your computer, if needed, you can follow this installation guide.
Honestly, test it, it's free and you'll really see the difference! 😉

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