Update: Brawl Stars gear and the arrival of clubs

Brawl Stars equipment and upgrade

Brawl Stars gears and many other new features are coming with the November 17th update. Amongst them, we learn that the maximum level of champions is pushed back, the Brawler gear appears and even the Clubs are entitled to changes! We'll take a closer look at everything that's changing with this update!

Brawl Stars Gear for more strategic battles

We start the unpacking of the new features with the maximum level of the brawlers. Indeed, the latter can now reach level 11. To reach it, you'll need to obtain Coins and Power Points. Each level also unlocks upgrades for your brawlers.

  • Level 9: 550 PP and 1250 Coins → Star Power slot unlocked
  • Level 10: 890 PP and 1875 Coins → 1st Brawler Gear slot unlocked
  • Level 11: 1440 PP and 2800 Coins → 2nd and final Brawler Gear slot unlocked

As you now know how to equip your heroes, we can now look at how to acquire this new equipment. First of all, you'll need to obtain Gear Tokens and Scrap Metal. These are two new currencies available through the Brawl Boxes or the Shop and are needed to make Brawl Stars gears.

Brawl Stars equipment

Each piece created can be upgraded to level 3 to boost the passive effects of the champion. Five types of brawler passives are available with the Brawl Stars gears:

  • Damage: If your life bar is below 50%, then you will deal an additional 10/15/20% damage.
  • Heal: If you stand still, your health regenerates by 100/150/200.
  • Resistance: Stun and slow downs are reduced in effectiveness and duration by 25/30/35%.
  • Shield: you get a shield of 300/450/600 health points that gradually recovers (5% every 0.5 seconds) provided your health bar remains intact.
  • Speed: you are 15/20/25% faster when your brawler is moving through the bushes.

Please note that each Brawl Stars gear is linked to the champion to which it has been assigned. Therefore, it is impossible to change Brawler gear by transferring it from one character to another. However, you can select the gear of your choice before each match, as if it were a gadget.

Clubs: a way to fight in groups

Clubs are unlocked once 900 trophies are reached. They allow you to gather up to 30 people under the same banner. Together you fight against other Clubs every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. At the end of the fights, you win Tickets and Club Trophies. The first allows you to play against other players in Standard (Bo1) or Competitive (Bo3) matches. The second affects your ranking. You can also decide whether you want to fight with random partners or with members of your Club.

Club Trophy Rewards in Standard Match
Club Rewards for Standard Matches
Club Trophy Rewards in Competitive Match
Club Rewards for Competitive Matches

Initially, the ranking in the league depends on the total number of Club Trophies collected by the members. Each player will then be awarded Club Points according to their performance during the fights. These scores will be used to establish the final ranking and determine the overall level of the Club and the rewards that will be associated with it at the end of the season. Each week, members will also receive Club coins. The latter currency can be exchanged for Skins Exclusives, Wild Card Power Points, Coins or the new Brawl Stars gear creation currencies.

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