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Brawl Stars Sam and Gus: the two new brawlers arrival

Brawl Stars Sam and Gus: the two new brawlers arrival

During the Brawl Talk of September 2022, available on the game's YouTube channel, we discovered the arrival of two new fighters in Brawl Stars, Gus and Sam. Let's discover the gameplay of these two brawlers, as well as the new Robot Factory map and the Brawl Pass skins.

The two new brawlers Gus and Sam in Brawl Stars

You can now unlock Sam in Brawl Stars. He is a chromatic brawler, member of Belle's trio. In addition to his basic attack, he can put on his Knuckle Busters. His range is reduced, as is his attack speed, but his damage is increased and he deals area damage in a fairly narrow cone of sight.

Brawl Stars : Sam and Gus

When his equipment is active, his Super bar is always topped up from the start of the game. If you activate your Super while wearing the Knuckle Busters, they are thrown in one direction and then return to Sam, dealing damage both ways.

Unlike Sam, you'll have to wait to get your hands on Gus in Brawl Stars. This support brawler has an extra barthat fills up with each attack. Once filled, a ghost falls to the ground and heals his teammates if they pass over it. His super attack creates a shield that can be applied to Gus or his teammates.

A new map and skins

In addition to the addition of Gus and Sam in Brawl Stars, a new map is introduced. Named Robot Factory, it is presented as the factory where all the robots of Starr Park are made. Its level design is not very original and we can't even really say that it is beautiful.

Finally, with the new Brawl Pass, you can unlock the skin Desperado Poco at level 1 and the skin Caesar Sam at level 70.

Caesar Sam Skin

So much for the Brawl Stars Sam and Gus arrival. You now know the specificities of these two new brawlers. You just have to unlock them to try them. And to progress on the game, I invite you to consult our guides on the Brawl Stars tips page.

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