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Stunt Show: season 12 of Brawl Stars

Introducing Season 12 Brawl Stars: Stunt Show

After the introduction of Eve in the Biodome season, two new brawlers will appear in the upcoming season 12 of Brawl Stars, Stunt Show. So don't forget your protective gear, because it's showtime. Check out the brawlers Janet and Bonnie now.

Brawlers Janet and Bonnie, the stars of season 12 of Brawl Stars

Two new brawlers, Janet and Bonnie, join the already packed Brawl Stars roster. Originally from the Stunt Show area, they are linked to an existing character: Stu.

Indeed, Janet is Stu's adopted daughter. She is an acrobat and singer, whosecone-shaped attack is reminiscent of Shelly's character.

However, the subtlety of Janet as a brawler lies in its variable aiming cone. The longer you hold down the fire button, the greater the range of the projectiles and the smaller their angle of dispersion. When Janet launches her Super attack, she gains height to avoid the opponent's shots while still being able to attack.

Janet and Bonnie, the two new Brawlers of season 12 of Brawl Stars

The other newcomer in season 12 of Brawl Stars is brawler Bonnie, an energetic and daredevil girl. She is Janet's little sister. She is always accompanied by her hottie Clyde. The special thing about the brawler Bonnie is her ability to switch between two different forms: Bonnie & Clyde.

At the start of a fight, the brawler begins in Clyde's form. Her attack sends teeth as projectiles, and when her Super attack is charged, Bonnie is thrown by Clyde. She then deals area damage, then changes form. Without her cannon, Bonnie throws grenades at short range, but which inflict heavy damage. Her Super allows her to join Clyde and return to her original form.

rewardsin abundance

This season 12 of Brawl Stars will start with the Golden Week, during which you can win freerewards every 24 hours by simply logging into the game. Each day you can choose between two heroes. It's up to you to decide which one to unlock a unique reward for.

New special quests will also allow you to obtain brawler points or gold coins. Another small novelty on the quest side, with the possibility ofexchanging one quest per week (or three for Brawl Pass owners) if its objective seems unattainable.

Finally, a temporary game mode is also available in Brawl Stars Season 12. Mixing PvE and PvP, the Bot Drop mode pits 2 teams of 3 players against each other in a robot invasion. The first team to collect 8 bolts from the robots wins the game.

The Stunt Show season starts on May 2nd, which means you have until then to unlock the skin Battleship Eve by completing the Brawl Pass. And if you want to improve your skills to reach new heights, check out our tutorial on how to play Brawl Stars on the controller.

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