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Brawl Talk December 2021, 2 new Brawlers: Grom and Fang

Brawliversary skins from December Brawl Talk

The return of Brawlidays, the arrival of the two new brawlers Grom and Fang, the 3rd anniversary of the game's worldwide release, the new Duels mode and skins , it's all in the Brawl Talk of December 2021! We take a look at the two new brawlers and let you review the new features of this early winter on Brawl Stars in video.

New Brawler Grom and Fang for the winter update

Grom is an epic brawler who throws exploding X-shaped bombs at the ground. With his Super attack, the impact area expands and can even destroy walls. His skills particularly shine if you need a brawler to CC and hold chokepoints.

New Grom brawler that fights with bombs

Grom's strange attire is due to a fear he hides under a colourful hoodie: a fear of children. He works as a security guard at Starr Park in the castle and has befriended his walkie-talkie.

New Brawler Fang Winter

In a totally different style, Fang fights hand-to-hand. Instead of using a series of blows, you'll need to concentrate on one-hitting and inflicting heavy damage. If you miss, Fang's shoe will go off in that direction as aranged attack.

His super attack is a long range charge attack. In addition to speeding up his movement, this charge will inflict damage on enemies in Fang's path. This brawler should require a fair amount of skill but will offer interesting results to those who take the time to learn how to use their kit to its full potential.

All the details of the Brawliversary (the 3 years of the worldwide release), the rewards, the duel mode, the season 10 and the skins available can be found in the Brawl Talk video below.

December Brawl Talk video

Beyond these year-end celebrations, Supercell is opening a new studio in NA to develop cross-platform games. This comes in the midst of talks of boosting the company through increased investment from Tencent despite the Finnish studio's declining numbers.

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