Release of Call of Dragons, the strategic MMO from Lilith Games after RoK

Release of Call of Dragons on Android and iOS

Strategy fans will be able to discover a new MMORTS on mobile with the release of Call of Dragons. Available on Android and iOS, this title from Lilith Games published under its Farlight label dives fully into fantasy with flying units, giant monsters like hydras to complete your army and many other creatures to find on the battlefield of each server. The Rise of Kingdoms formula has been used to great effect with a few improvements, so let me introduce you to the gameplay of Call of Dragons.

Release of Call of Dragons on Android and iOS

The release date for Call of Dragons has finally arrived for the world. Previously available as an APK only to countries not selected to participate in the soft launch, Call of Dragons finally introduces its Behemoths and large-scale PvP battles to every country on the globe this Tuesday, March 28.

Release Call of Dragons gameplay construction elf city

It's finally time to join a new server and join one of the three available factions: the League of Order, Wilderburg, and Guardians of the Source. By choosing one over the other, you'll be favoring certain heroes and unit types for your PvE and PvP battles, so think twice before you jump in!

For the release of Call of Dragons, you can also get your bonus loot if you participated in the pre-registration phase of the game.

A gameplay like Rise of Kingdoms, but better?

Fans of mobile strategy games all know the game Rise of Kingdoms, which, in addition to sponsoring Youtube videos, has convinced the mobile community with its good performance, historical commanders, smooth gameplay and intensive farming . Here, Call of Dragons uses the same formula:

  • warlord heroes with unique skills to be obtained through a gacha system;
  • different types of units to combine according to the heroes used, the enemy to face and the composition of each corps of your army;
  • PvE battles to accumulate experience, basic rewards and bonus discoveries;
  • PvP fights for the control of the territory with a map that unlocks over the months and tightens on its center for large-scale fights between rival alliances;
  • a personal city to develop in order to unlock new units, new resources and new game possibilities to farm faster than your neighbor, and much more.
Heroes and troops Call of Dragons

However, the release of Call of Dragons does not only iterate on a concept already more than mastered by Lilith Games. It also relies on its fantasy universe to propose new mechanics and improve the existing gameplay. Among the new features of Call of Dragons, we note the arrival of Behemoths and flying units, the free healing of units and the different races of the world that can join your army.

Defeat the Behemoths for the release of Call of Dragons with your allies. This way, you can summon them later during your battles against other players and gain the upper hand in PvP. Choose your alliance carefully to dominate the world of Tamaris and strategically use all your assets: your resources, troops, technologies, heroes and Behemoths, whether they are giant bears, hydras or ferocious dragons.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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