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Call of Duty Mobile season 1: Reawakening, the update contents

Call of Duty Mobile season 1: Reawakening, the update contents

Like every year, we're starting over with Call of Duty Mobile Season 1: Reawakening, which is about to be rolled out in a few days. Let's find out what's in store for us with this first update of the year in the image of the Lunar New Year, which introduces a new game mode, a revamped map and the rewards Battle Pass.

Call of Duty Mobile season 1: big heads and rabbits for Nuketown

To start the year off right, Activision has just announced the release of Call of Duty Mobile Season 1: Reawakening on January 18, 2023 on Android and iOS. With this update, players will be able to compete in a new game mode called Big Head Blizzard.

In this mode, inflicting damage on enemies will build up energy that will cause your head to grow until you turn into what looks like a bobblehead. In this form, you will only be equipped with a melee weapon, but your health points will be much higher.

Released for the first time in Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Nuketown map has since become cult by appearing in several opuses afterwards. And the mobile is no exception since to celebrate the Lunar New Year and this year of the rabbit, the map gets a new design with Nuketown Temple.

Other new features of COD Mobile Season 1

Among other additions to Call of Duty Mobile Season 1, we note that the Zombies mode will also display the colors of the Lunar New Year with skins, additional maps and new skills for both survivors and the infected.

On the battle royale side of COD Mobile, two locations will make an appearance. The T-3 Refinery will feature a platform that will send you into the air to quickly reposition yourself on the map, while the Ecological Laboratory will offer consumables via the computers in the greenhouse.

Call of Duty Mobile season 1: Reawakening

There are many rewards to unlock in COD Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass, such as new skins for your characters, weapon blueprints, trading cards, as well as the Dingo submachine gun, which COD: Black Ops 3 players are familiar with, which will unlock for free at level 21.

Finally, a new temporary currency will be available and usable during the whole season 1 and part of season 2. For the moment, we don't know yet what it will allow to buy in this new store.

That's it for the new features of Call of Duty Mobile season 1: Reawakening on Android and iOS. And to enjoy the game on the big screen, I invite you to check out our guide to playing COD Mobile on PC.

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