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Call of Duty Mobile season 4: Wild Dogs, what's new

Call of Duty mobile: Wild Dogs Season 4 content

It's time for a new season forActivision's flagship FPS. And for this season 4, Call of Duty Mobile: Wild Dogs is packed with new features. On the agenda: two new maps, a new game mode and the Sandstorm's Eye event.

What's new in CoD mobile season 4: Wild Dogs

CoD Mobile 's already extensive content is getting even bigger. First of all, two new maps located in the African desert will be released. The first map in Season 4 of CoD Mobile is Satellite, a map from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The second is a very popular map from 2019's Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Kandhor Hideout.

Call of Duty Mobile season 4: Wild Dogs

Then, a new game mode, well known to players of the license on consoles, will make its debut. Call of Duty Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs Land Warfare mode will see 2 teams of 12 players compete. In this large-scale Domination mode, the objective will be to control all 6 capture points to score more points than the opposing team.

The Land Warfare mode will only be available on the larger maps: Satellite and Aniyah Incursion. To move around the battlefield, you will have bikes, motorbikes, 4×4s and tanks at your disposal.

Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile: Wild Dogs also introduces a new Battle Pass. The premium version will allow you to unlock operators, new weapon blueprints and more rewards. However, if you want to enjoy the game for free, you can still get the contact grenade and a new weapon: the Koshka bolt action rifle.

Sandstorm's Eye event and its seasonal challenges

Beyond all these new features, the star of this season 4 of Call of Duty: Mobile is without a doubt the Sandstorm's Eye event. Indeed, sandstorms will invade the maps of the Battle Royale mode. To fight them, a new equipment is added to the arsenal: the turbulence generator. This item, capable of producing continuous wind, should allow you to temporarily survive in the eye of the storm.

Many rewardsrelated to this Sandstorm's Eye event can be earned by completing the new seasonal challenges. Each week, new challenges will be added to allow you to earn weapon blueprints, skins or experience points for the Battle Pass. The most persistent players on the daily missions will have the chance to unlock a new operator, Otter, and the Locus sniper rifle.

Call of Duty Mobile: Wild Dogs Season 4 launches on April 28 at 2am in France. So, are you ready to face the sandstorms to win rewards? And if you want to take advantage of your opponents, I recommend our tutorial on how to play with the controller.

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