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Call of Duty Mobile season 7: New Vision City, the new features of the update

Call of Duty Mobile season 7: New Vision City

After season 6 To the Skies, which featured aerial vehicles, Activision has just launched Call of Duty Mobile: Season 7, which sports a look to match the animated series Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045, available on Netflix. Let's find out what's new in this update.

Call of Duty Mobile: Season 7 arrives with a new map

As you can see in the trailer of Call of Duty Mobile season 7, the Battle Royale games will take place in the futuristic and colorful universe of New Vision City. It's up to you to unlock all the secrets of the city and the mysterious company that founded it.

In addition to this new map, you will also be able to find anime's main characters in the form of skins, unlockable from the Battle Pass or via events. You will also find manga pages that will be published throughout the season.

Among the COD Mobile Season 7 new features is a radical change in the BR classes. From now on, you can choose between five classes, all of which have a passive skill: Stealth reduces the sound of movement, Trackers allows you to hear them from further away, Disrupt increases movement speed after a kill, Defense reduces blast damage and the impact of negative effects while Support reduces recovery time.

Fight enemies in PvE to unlock bonuses

During your Battle Royale games in Call of Duty Mobile season 7, you now have the opportunity to defeat post-humans scattered around the map. This will earn you Cyberware Coins which you can then trade for one of the cybernetic implants in an augmentation station. There are four in total, and here are the enhancements:

  • Bee Scout: Unlocks a drone that can spot upcoming areas.
  • Smart Shotgun: transforms your gun into a shotgun with smart bullets that track moving targets.
  • Virtual Vision: Visually marks nearby enemies and displays their hit points when they are in the open.
  • Fists of Iron: Improves sprinting and allows you to hit the ground after a jump to inflict area damage.
Call of Duty Mobile season 7: New Vision City

So much for the new features in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7: New Vision City. Between the new Battle Royale map, cybernetic upgrades and the new Battle Pass, all you have to do is hit the battlefield to earn rewards. For more details on the temporary events and Battle Pass content, all the details of the update are available on the official COD Mobile Reddit.

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