The excellent farm game Spring Valley celebrates Valentine's Day with a special event

Valentine's Day Event Spring Valley Farm Adventures

The day of the lovers is approaching and mobile games are draped in pink and red to celebrate the event. One of the most beautiful, Spring Valley, celebrates Valentine's Day with a special event, masked characters and original activities. Let's find out what this Playkot title has in store for its Valentine's Day event.

Carnival of Hearts in the Valley

Join 1 million players with Spring Valley's Valentine's Day event starting today, February 6, 2023. Get your best roses and Venetian masks ready for a romantic update. Welcome to the Carnival of Hearts! The picturesque setting of the Valley and your mansion are adorned with mystery.

Carnival of Hearts Event Spring Valley

Your favorite characters are dressed up for the occasion. This could be the perfect opportunity to explore love and friendship in all its facets. Your companions will meet you in Spring Valley, accessible via this link on the Android or iOS platform of your choice.

Spring Valley Valentine's Day Event

Visually stunning, this Spring Valley Valentine's Day event brings romance to your relationships. Find out who's behind the masked signor and signora, bake delicious cupcakes with Madeline, and repair the bridges, gondolas, and puppet theater in this Venetian carnival. You can even design your own outfit to celebrate Valentine's Day in Spring Valley and let your romantic side shine through.

An ideal time to discover or re-discover Spring Valley

For those who don't know Spring Valley, it's a farm game with elegant graphics that mixes gameplay mechanics close to Farmville 3 and a match-3. You'll also be able to develop relationships with the characters you meet, like Sid, the stylish pilot who steals lines from Iron Man.

Romance in Spring Valley

Expand your mansion's business: buy and protect animals, repair buildings and produce new resources with them. Spring Valley is waiting for you to get your property back in shape, just in time for the Carnival of Hearts.

Released in April 2022 and very active in new content since then, Spring Valley offers above all a high quality translation that allows a pleasant immersion and completely different from the robotic dialogues of other titles.

Romance in Playkot Farm game

Discover Spring Valley now on Android and iOS that we admired at its release for its beautiful art direction.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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