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Christmas is coming to all Summoners War games from Com2Us Holdings

Release of 2 new monsters SW Blacksmith and Weapons Master

It's Christmas in Summoners War games! Com2Us Holdings is offering winter updates for SW and SW Lost Centuria. On the program, a winter festival, 2 new SW watches, an inter-server battle arena and events from scrolls mythical and winter holiday themed! For Lost Centuria, we discover Alicia Queen Polar, the new legendary water monster and a festival similar to the first one. Details of these two Summoners War updates in this article so you don't miss anything in-game!

Christmas on Summoners War

In this Christmas season, what could be more beautiful than to fight in the snow (when you have it)? That's exactly what Summoners War is all about in this winter update. The addition of thecross-server battle arena allows players to battle each other from all four corners of the world. Each of the six major regions (Europe, Asia, Japan, Korea, China and Global) will be able to build their own team. 10,000 players will have to qualify to have a chance to participate in the battle between 200 teams of 50 players from all regions. This event will end after 8 weeks.

In addition, two new monsters have been added to Summoners War: the Rune Hammer Blacksmith and the Weapons Master. Available in 5 elements like the others, the Weapons Master Wind offers a rage-based gameplay that increases her attack power as she loses HP, while the Rune Hammer Blacksmith focuses on a debuff style of play in Darkness mode. Both new monsters can be found in your special summons until December 27. By the way, 10 scrolls mystics used will give you an extra scroll mystic until that date.

By the way, I'd like to take this opportunity to share with you this absolutely monstrous little tweet from the official Twitter account. Poor monsters, I didn't see it like that...

Then, between now and January 2nd, take advantage of the holiday season to collect Christmas socks (available in Cairos and Rift Dungeons, Raid of Worlds, etc.) and unlock 1 devilmon, 50 mystical scrolls and 3 legendary scrolls among other things rewards.

For even more rewards, don't forget to activate your monthly codes and Summoners War bonuses as we have added 4 this weekend!

Summoners War Winter Update Lost Centuria

The Christmas update Lost Centuria introduces us to Alicia Queen Polar, an attack-type water monster of legendary rarity.

Summoners War Winter Update Lost Centuria with Alicia Polar Queen

A debuff specialist, she affects enemies with her own Ice Bomb effect that slows their attack speed, inflicts damage over time and freezes them at the end of the fight. Players can take advantage of special events in Season 8 to purchase Alicia the Polar Queen at Lost Centuria. In addition, special quests will be available until 27 December 2021. These will offer tokens to exchange for tomes or cards to celebrate the winter festival!

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