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Clash Royale's Love and Magic Update brings the Super Magic Archer

Clash Royale Update Love and Magic with the Super Magic Archer

As we enter February, we'll soon be celebrating Valentine's Day, but also the arrival of the Love and Magic Clash Royale Update! Season 44 comes into play with a multitude of hearts and the incredibly powerful Super Magic Archer. If romance is in the spotlight with the Royale Pass, new emotes, skins tricks and banners, cupid will not give you any extra gifts in the arena!

The arrival of the Clash Royale Super Magic Archer

This Valentine's Day, the Clash Royale Super Magic Archer takes to the field. His power allows him to turn enemy troops. Your opponents' creatures will fight for you for a while if they are hit by the arrow of the cupid, the Super Magic Archer.

Super Archer Magic Special Season 44 Love and Magic Clash Royale

Supercell even admits in the video that this is probably their craziest Super card to date. Its ability to hypnotize buildings and units makes it a major card in this Valentine's Day event. Watch out for the Super Magic Archer and his love arrows!

Super Magic Archer Clash Royale for Valentine's Day

Say goodbye to Season 43: Ice Cream Festival! Instead, welcome love in February with this cupid.

Season 44: Love and Magic for Valentine's Day

Love is in the spotlight with Season 44 Clash Royale and its Love and Magic Update. Released in February 2023 to celebrate love and friendship, this update brings new events, original skins , emotes, and balance changes.

New skins tricks: Love Potion and Magic Archer Tower

Clash Royale's Love and Magic Update brings new skins tricks. Like the iconic Valentine's Day heart, the first skin is a love potion for your tricks. The second is the skin magic archers tower mixing blue light veined wood and rope reinforcement. In-game, the arena will also get its own skin . Feel free to add these skins from season 44 to your collection!

New Clash Royale emotes and banners

Clash Royale emotes are about as important as your cards. To celebrate your victories, you'll be able to enjoy the new Golem, Zaphod and Magic Archer emotes with the Clash Royale Love and Magic Update.

These additional emotes can be unlocked through Valentine's Day events among other exclusive rewards . By the way, you can check out the list of essential emotes for your collection in our top 10 rare Clash Royale emotes.

Emotes Golem Zaphod and Magic Archer from season 44 Clash Royale love

Season 44 also welcomes new Clash Royale banners. Introduced with the game's summer update last July, the banners are expanding their catalog with Valentine's Day. Get ready to see them appear in the store soon!

The Royal Pass season 44

For this Love and Magic update, Clash Royale is obviously getting a special Royale Pass, loaded with love. This season 44 adds rewards around Valentine's Day to unlock with the Pass. Whether you're a free player or a season ticket holder, you'll be treated to an all pink and romantic theme!

Balancing the cards for Season 44 Clash Royale in February

Finally, I present the balancing of the season launch. This Love and Magic update for Clash Royale doesn't completely meet players' expectations for a card patch. Let's take a look at what can be added to your deck with the Magic Super Archer during the Valentine's Day events.

Balancing change MAJ Love and Magic Clash Royale


The Monk gains 11% faster typing speed. Less chosen since the last patch, the Monk card is boosted in Season 44. Its elixir cost does not change, despite player requests. This allows players of all levels to play the Monk Clash Royale in their deck.


Faster to react on the field, theFirecracker will fire its first shot 40% faster than in the last update. This change does not solve the enemy targeting problem of this unit, but at least it will be able to inflict damage early in the game.


The archer duo also receives a speed buff in this Love and Magic Clash Royale update. In February, she will send her arrows at a 18% faster rate to make the card viable in the meta against other long-range shooters.

Giant Goblin

The Giant Goblin gains 12% hit speed. Again, this card has been relatively neglected by players and Supercell intends to bring it to the forefront with this boost.


Tankier than in previous versions of Clash Royale, the Knight card gets 3% more HP. With this increased life, it will last longer in the arena and offer a better cost/utility ratio.


Instead, Rocket aka Zaphod ends Season 43 with a nerf. She goes into Valentine's Day with -17% damage to crowned towers.


In Season 44, the Phoenix will be limited to 80% of its abilities once it is reborn from its egg. This is not the first time the Phoenix's stats have been lowered, but perhaps this new balancing will reduce its power enough.

The Log

Also a victim of a nerf, La Bûche Clash Royale will push units 30% less. Supercell's idea is to reduce the effectiveness of the Log when combined with long-range units. This devastating combo is too difficult to parry for some players.

Queen of the Archers

Slowed down to 200%, the Queen of Archers is especially the queen of nerves in this update. The purple-haired beauty's crossbow will be much slower to reload.

Conclusion of the Love and Magic Clash Royale Update

With all these balancing, Supercell is obviously trying to affect the Clash Royale meta. The goal is to make all cards powerful enough to vary your strategies freely. The Finnish studio also takes advantage of this Love and Magic Clash Royale update to answer questions from the competitive community of the game. Some cards like Lightning or Royal Giant have not been changed as fans expected.

In any case, the Super Magic Archer is waiting for you to shoot his arrows of love and make hearts turn over in this season 44!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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