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Clash Royale: the Monk and the Phoenix are coming in the next update

Clash Royale: the Monk and the Phoenix in the next update

Supercell has just announced the biggest update of the year for its card game, with two new Clash Royale units, the Monk and the Phoenix, joining the list of available cards in the game. Let's find out what's special about these two units, as well as the other new features of this update.

Clash Royale: the Monk and the Phoenix, the two new cards

Available starting October 26, 2022, the two new cards in the next Clash Royale update, the Monk and the Phoenix, have some interesting specifics. This should lead to brand new deck compositions to take advantage of their strengths.

The Monk is the Clash Royale fifth champion. His card costs 4 units of Elixir and can be unlocked from 6,500 trophies. His attack hits three times and pushes the enemies away on the third hit. In addition to this, his Pensive Protection ability generates a protective shield for him and his allies, which reduces the damage he takes and deflects projectiles.

On the other hand, the Phoenix is an air unit that attacks in close combat. This legendary card also costs 4 Elixir units. When defeated, the Phoenix burns and leaves behind a damage zone that ignites enemies and buildings. In addition, a Phoenix egg appears at the location of its death and if it is not destroyed in time, the Phoenix rises from its ashes with its full health points.

Changes to the King's level and the Trophy Road

Beyond the arrival of the Clash Royale Monk and Phoenix cards, this update welcomes the redesign of the king's level and the Trophy Road.

Thus, the maximum king level, which is now different from the level of the crowned towers that remains unchanged, increases from 14 to 50. However, this is not strictly speaking an additional 36 levels, but rather a more precise division to make the matchmaking more balanced. You can see the equivalence of the new levels with the old ones in the image below.

King's level redesigns accompany the Clash Royale Monk and Phoenix cards release

As for the Trophy Road, it will now stop at 7,500 trophies and will no longer be reset at the beginning of each season. Once you reach the maximum level, you will not be able to win or lose any more trophies, but you will continue to collect rewards of increasingly higher value.

Finally, three new arenas have been added: the Executioner's Kitchen, the Royal Crypt and the Silent Sanctuary.

That's it for the changes in this huge update, with the two new Clash Royale cards, the Monk and the Phoenix, but also the overhaul of the king's level and the trophy lane. To discover our card and deck guides, I redirect you to our Clash Royale tips page.

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