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Clash Royale Season 38: Clash from the Past

Clash Royale Season 38: Clash from the Past

Clash from the Past, Clash Royale season 38, brings a retro touch to the universe of Supercell's game. Let's discover together the new features of this season, which is placed under the sign of the barbarian and the pixel-art. On the program: three boosted maps, a special challenge and new rewards.

Supercell invents a retrogaming past

Clash Royale season 38 has just arrived and its release coincides with the 10-year anniversary of Clash of Clans. For this occasion, Supercell has released a mock documentary called Clash from the Past and created two retro arcade mini-games available in CoC or via a web browser.

Keeping with the theme, this new Clash Royale season 38 features a retro design and highlights the Barbarian cards, namely the Barbarian Hut, the Barbarian Barrel and the Barbarians, which will be boosted until the end of the season.

What's new in Clash Royale season 38

As always, Clash Royale season 38 adds a new Pass Royale with rewards free items, such as chests and jokers. Among the rewards paid, you can unlock a skin tower and a pixel-art emote with the season's logo.

Other rewards items seen in the trailer, such as the arcade tower skin and the three new emotes, will be available in the game's store. Finally, new banners are available in the banner box.

Take part in the new Barbarian Launcher Challenge and try to unlock an exclusive Barbarian emote in pixel art. To do so, compose the best deck with the Barbarian Launcher and earn ten wins without reaching three losses in the pixel arena.

Clash Royale season 38: Pixel Arena

In terms of card balancing, we note the Prince and Ram Rider buffs that charge faster, while the Mega Knight can jump more often.

On the nerf side, the Skeleton King and Golden Knight legendary cards were deemed too strong, Fireball pushes enemies back less, and Electro-Giant inflicts less damage to towers. Full details on the stat changes are available on the official game website.

That's it for the Clash Royale Season 38 new features. All you have to do now is go into the game to unlock the new rewards. And to help you progress, I invite you to check out our Clash Royale tips section.

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