Clash Royale season 43: Frost Festival

Clash Royale season 43: Frost Festival

After the Clashmas update and the addition of the Card Boost Potion, Clash Royale season 43, Frost Festival, welcomes many challenges that will be as many opportunities to obtain various rewards . We reveal you all the dates to not miss anything, as well as the cards highlighted throughout the season.

A frosty season 43 of Clash Royale

Clash Royale season 43, entitled Frost Festival, is already underway. Right now and until January 15, 2023, you can participate in the Super Ice Golem challenge to unlock the rewards.

Next up is the daily Reflections on Ice challenge, from January 16 to 22, 2023. In this challenge, the entire arena is cloned at certain times, which can completely turn the tide of a game with a little timing management.

From January 23 to 29, the Balloons Festival will pit players against each other in 2v2 battles, and from January 30 to February 5, 2023, the season will conclude with the Mega Pick Challenge. In between, you can also take part in a community tournament from January 21 to 25 to win more and more rewards.

The novelties of the Frost Festival

As with every season, there are several card boosts throughout Clash Royale Season 43: Frost, Ice Wizard and Ice Golem. All three of these cards will level up on your king's turn to allow you to incorporate them into your decks, which is especially handy if you haven't upgraded to the legendary Ice Wizard card.

The Ice Golem boosted in Clash Royale season 43

On the cosmetic side, Clash Royale season 43 allows you to unlock new skins towers, 5 new emotes and battle banners. Many other rewards can be found in the Frost Festival Royale Pass, but also in the store with the bundle composed of two banners and an emote featuring the Ice Golem.

That's it for the new Clash Royale Season 43 and Festival of Ice challenges. We recommend our Ice Golem / Hog Rider deck guide, which seems to fit the occasion. We still recommend replacing the Princess with the Ice Wizard to take advantage of all the seasonal card boosts.

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