Clash Royale Patch Notes Season 46: Boot Camp

Clash Royale season 46 Boot Camp

Supercell's PvP strategy game keeps on releasing monthly content updates. This time, we discover together the full notes patches of Clash Royale Season 46: Boot Camp. Arriving at the beginning of April, Season 46 brings emotes, new skins turns, game banners and changes to the Royale Pass. Let's take a look at the details of this April update which features the pink-haired archer.

Clash Royale Season 46 Boot Camp Changes

Clash Royale Season 46 may be one of the most disappointing for the community, but let's take a look at the content first. In PvP, the S46 battles will be held in the Boot Camp Arena, which resembles the game's original Training Camp arena. This is great for nostalgic players, although I doubt it will appeal to players looking for something new.

Arena Boot Camp in Clash Royale Season 46 patch notes

Then the usual cosmetic items are the skin tower Boot Camp (Gold Tier T48 from the Pass), the skin tower Super Archers (purchase in the store), 40 new banners, and 7 new emotes. The Archers, the King, the Dark Prince, and the Normal Prince are featured on these Clash Royale Season 46 emotes available in the Season Shop and the Royale Pass.

Skin Tower Clash Royale Super Bow S46
Skin Clash Royale Boot Camp S46 tour

In addition, the Season Store and card boosts are also getting a makeover. The controversial Clash Royale Boot Camp Season 46 rolls out the Mega Draft mode in the Path of Legends and limits the maximum card level to level 11. The Path of Legends now consists of 76 stages, 17 fewer than before.

However, the new feature of this Boot Camp CR update that has enraged the community is the arrival of the Diamond Pass Royale, discreetly slipped into the Season 46 announcement trailer.

Season 46 card balancing

Archers are definitely in the spotlight in Clash Royale since the Love and Magic update of S44. The Archers benefit from the first balancing phase of this season, as well as the Phoenix and the Mega Gargoyle.

Nerf Archers:
The first shot of the Clash Royale Archers will now arrive after 0.5 seconds instead of 0.1 seconds to let the opposing players react when they arrive on the field.

Golden Knight Nerve:
The dashing charge on a knight will be shorter in S46 with a distance of 5.5 squares instead of 6.

Phoenix Nerve:
The Phoenix loses further effectiveness in the arena with a 10% reduction in lethal damage.

Minor Nerve:
The Minor will deal 17% less damage on crowned rounds, which will not affect its ability to tank.

Furnace Balancing:
The Furnace gets 2 balancing changes in Clash Royale Season 46 Boot Camp. Its generation speed is increased to 5 seconds and its life span is reduced by 5 seconds to avoid making it OP.

Buff Mega Gargoyle:
Now the Mega Gargoyle will be able to strike its target every 1.5 seconds, increasing its attack speed by 6%.

Buff Spear Goblins:
Spear Goblins gain 10% range in an attempt to bring them up to the level of other ranged units.

Buff Fripons:
The Fripon gains 6% more HP and the Friponnes become 38% faster in this update.

Find all the balancing information on the official Supercell news. You know everything about the actual content of Clash Royale Season 46, but now we have to talk a little about the monetization controversies that have been swirling around lately.

Mobile game fans annoyed by monetization abuses... the Diamond Pass Royale

Greedy but sometimes needy, some mobile game studios don't mind pushing monetization further and further. Niantic changed its policy on Remote Raids and players Pokémon GO went on strike and launched a petition against the studio's practices. This time, it's Supercell that is changing its Royal Pass.

As a result, players in the Clash Royale community are coming together to try to unite and not buy the new pass, in hopes that Supercell will understand that they can't afford to do everything under the guise of having a tolerant audience. In these tough times, it feels especially like companies are trying to squeeze their consumers who already don't have much to spend for the most part. I hope that things will calm down and that Supercell will reconsider its decision regarding the Pass with the outcry over Clash Royale season 46, but I sincerely doubt it.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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