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Clash Royale Summer Update welcomes banners

Clash Royale Summer Update

Customize your player identity with the addition of banners in the Clash Royale summer update. Beyond emotes and nicknames, it's true that players look pretty much the same in Clash Royale battles. To remedy this, Supercell has just integrated new cosmetic items to collect. Let's find out how to get rewards and equip them on your banner.

What's new in the Clash Royale summer update

The big news in the Clash Royale summer update is the arrival of banners. These new cosmetic elements are displayed at the beginning of the game and allow you to stand out from other players. The banners are divided into three parts: a decoration, a background and three badges.

Badges are unlocked by completing in-game achievements, such as mastering a map, completing a challenge or progressing through trophies. Frames and decorations, on the other hand, are obtained from banner chests.

Banner chests rewards will change every season. For this Clash Royale season 36, you can unlock 16 different rewards : 4 common, 2 rare and 2 super rare frames, but also 4 common, 2 rare and 2 super rare decorations.

How to open banner boxes?

To open the banner chests in the Clash Royale Summer Update, you have two options: use 100 banner tokens or 50 gems for the first draw. Each draw will cost 50 gems more than the previous one (100, 150...). Currently, banner tokens can be obtained by completing special challenges through rewards . However, the developers say that other methods will be coming soon.

Bannerboxes in the Clash Royale summer update

You can accumulate a maximum of 200 banner tokens. Any extra points earned will be lost, so don't wait too long to open your chests. To avoid any problems, it is impossible to get a duplicate reward. Also, once you have unlocked all the items in a season, you can exceed the 200 banner tokens threshold to save for the next season.

So much for the new Clash Royale summer update, which is already available on Android and iOS. To progress and earn more rewards, please check our Clash Royale tips section.

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