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All about Clashiversary, info on the 9 years of Clash of Clans !

Clashiversary 2021 info

One year away from celebrating a decade of existence, Clash of Clans is taking advantage of the month of August to blow out its 9th candle. As every year, this Clashiversary 2021 is the occasion for all village leaders to celebrate the game's anniversary for several weeks. There will be gifts, skins, events, challenges, limited rewards and cake of course! And if you already know all this but are looking to get 3 stars in the challenge Clashiversary, you're still in the right place.

The Archer Queen in Party Queen Skin

As in every Clashiversary since 2019, the heroes are pimped-up for the occasion. This year the theme is party time. First of all, the Archer Queen gets a Party Queen skin. On the other hand, our dear Barbarian becomes her King for the night. Here is a screenshot of the Party Queen and Party King skins in Clash of Clans.

Skins Party Queen and Party King CoC
Party King Clash of Clans Skin
Party King Clash of Clans Skin

The Queen gets beautiful discs and a purple skin while the Party King skin gets epaulets and a decorative hat as well as a sword decoration. Our two heroes throw out punlines aren't exactly clever, but we wouldn't expect anything less from them with this slightly crazy party theme.

Before continuing on Clashiversary 2021, its events and rewards, I wanted to remind you that the Clash family will soon grow with the arrival of 3 new games. We are waiting to hear more about Clash Questan adventure game, and Clash Mini, a chess-like board game. On the other hand, we already know quite a bit about Clash Heroes thanks to recent leaks during its pre-alpha. Finally, let's get back to our favourite CoC.

3 stars at the challenge Clashiversary and cake as a bonus

An anniversary challenge is being introduced into the game for the enjoyment of players. It takes place over 8 days and gives you 30 gems, 2 hero potions and loot. If you want to finish the  Clashiversary 2021 challenge with 3 stars, there is nothing better than a good help video. For that, I can only recommend Judo Sloth Gaming's channel because they do that much better than me.

Get 3 stars in the CoC 9th anniversary challenge

So what are you waiting for? You're going to get me those three challenge stars. And faster than that.

But what would a anniversary be without a birthday cake? I ask you. You know our dear friends at Supercell, they couldn't have a party without a cake either. To collect this one, you'll have to do it the same way as with trees or rocks. For 9999 gold, you'll get 99999. I'll give you a hint: there's an extra 9, although it's not easy to see. 😜 An obstacle worth its weight in gold, if you ask me. Plus, this way you can celebrate your 3 stars at the challenge.

Cake Clashiversary 9

We're almost at the end of the article so to whet your appetite and thank you for reading this far, here's a video preview of what's in store for Clashiversary 2021 and the weeks to come. This trailer is brought to us by the official CoC Twitter.

New decor Clashiversary in addition to a PEKKA head

As you can see, there will be many events throughout August to celebrate this 9th Clashiversary. In addition to the challenge, the cake and the skins, some extra decoration is appearing. For this new anniversary of the game, an additional CoC village set is available for purchase in the event shop. Flames, attractions, a giant disco ball and a crazy show stage adorn this August decoration.

Village scene Clashiversary 2021

If decorating the surroundings of your village is not enough, you can always opt for the anniversary statue. The anniversary statue is a burning PEKKA head that can be used as an obstacle or to show everyone your dominance of the game. To make sure everyone has fun without spending much, there is also the usual 1-gem boost. With it, you can increase the production of your elixir extractors, black elixir drills, and gold mines with only 1 gem. Finally, the shop is also full of great deals that will change over time, so be sure to check in every day at CoC this month.

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