COD Warzone Mobile alpha to be called Project Aurora

COD Warzone mobile alpha named Project Aurora announced

Great news for FPS fans, as Activision has just made it official to launch analpha phaseof COD Warzone Mobile. Announced as Project Aurora, let's see what we know about the next battle royale in the Call of Duty franchise.

COD Warzone Mobile alpha announced

A few months ago we told you about a leak that hinted at a mobile adaptation of COD Warzone. Well, the news has just been confirmed with the announcement of a new mobile game in the Call of Duty franchise, tentatively named Project Aurora. We won't lie, under this name is obviously COD Warzone Mobile.

COD Warzone Mobile Alpha: Project Aurora

Faced with the many rumours circulating on social networks, Activision has decided to take the floor on its website to make the development of Project Aurora official. At the same time, we learn that the firstalpha phaseof COD Warzone Mobile will soon begin.

For the moment, we know nothing about the gameplay of Project Aurora, except that it will be a battle royale designed exclusively for mobile.

The details of the test

During this phase of test, the duration of which has not been communicated to us, few participants will be invited. In fact, it is not possible to register for the COD Warzone Mobile alpha. Only a few players will be directly invited.

The lucky ones who will be able to participate will however not be allowed to give out any information about the game. But as always, there will probably be leaks. The studio tells us that this is only the first phase of test and that more open ones will follow when the game is further developed.

Visual of COD Mobile on Android and iOS

The famous FPS license has made its mark on the mobile gaming scene and has recently released new content with COD Mobile Season 4. It remains to be seen if Activision will manage to repeat the feat with this new game. We'll know more in the coming weeks with the first feedback from theCOD Warzone Mobile alpha.

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