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Warzone Mobile: Gameplays, release date... The latest CoD news!

Call of Duty Warzone

The very popular Call of Duty Warzone game seems to be coming to mobile! We already told you about the possibility of a Warzone Mobile version, which is becoming clearer by the day. Today, we know a bit more about the release of the game and the new features this version would bring! Warzone Mobile will be available on iOS and Android and will use the Battle Royale codes of the game on consoles and PC, but on smartphones! When will the game be released on mobile? Will there be crossplay? We answer your questions. 😇

Warzone Mobile and its (possible) new features

Some will say "Yes, but there is already a Battle Royale mode on the game Call of Duty Mobile"! Well, yes, of course, the Battle Royale mode is there on CoD Mobile. It is also extremely complete. However, the CoD Warzone video game is also known for its story! A story that follows the main storylines of the Call of Duty franchise. The Warzone Mobile game has therefore made a place for itself as a new way to reach the public, on mobile and for free! It does not aim to replace the Battle Royale mode of the Call of Duty Mobile game! Especially since fans of the original games will be delighted to be able to access a Warzone directly in their pocket!

But then, what will Warzone Mobile do? In concrete terms, no official gameplay has yet been revealed by Activision. But given the duplicate nature of the creation of a Mobile Warzone, we could expect a real cross-platform gameplay for the Call of Duty Warzone! Indeed, crossplay is already present for Xbox and PlayStation players, as well as for PC players! In the world of mobile game development, it's a bit more complicated than that to get crossplay with other platforms. But it's not impossible! A good idea, according to you? Yes, because Warzone will expand to a wider audience. But at the same time, wouldn't players on phones and tablets be handicapped compared to console and PC players? Let's remember that a controller or a keyboard are more responsive than a touchpad! 😐

As for the gameplay, we expect a season system and rewards available with a single Combat Pass, just like in the basic Warzone game! In the meantime, Warzone Season 3 has been announced:

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile : When is it coming ?

Sorry to disappoint you! But no official date is, as of today, known for Warzone Mobile! If we already know that the Zombies mode will come back on Call of Duty Mobile, we have very little information about the famous Warzone game on phone. For the moment, we strongly suspect a release of the game in the year 2021. Indeed, several internet users think thatActivision will take advantage of theE3 2021 to announce the release of Warzone Mobile.

Activision is recruiting for CoD
Activision is recruiting!

So the game could be released by the end of 2021 or even early 2022. Well, although the game hasn't been made official yet, we do know that Warzone will appear on our phones. Activision has posted some new and exciting jobs online! These jobs are: Executive Producer on mobile to bring Warzone features, mobile game monetisation expert, senior mobile developers, software engineers for iOS games. At least we know the game will be released on Android and iOS! 😂

Of course, as soon as we have new information, we will write a new article for you! Tell us in comments what you expect from this upcoming Warzone mobile game 😉

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    I hope it's like cod warzone, I can't wait! ❤️✌️


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