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Summoners War: Legacy comic to be released on 28 April

Comic Summoners War: Legacy

Fans of the Summoners War RPG can mark the date of 28 April in their diaries. The Summoners War: Legacy comic will be released on that date and promises to immerse readers in the game's rich universe. It will be an opportunity to learn more about the lore and better understand the origin of the explosive conflict on which the RPG is based. The comic book takes place 35 years before the start of the Great War.

This work is not only for gamers. Lovers of the fantasy genre who appreciate magical worlds and medieval atmospheres will also find something to enjoy. Behind the Summoners War: Legacy comic, there is a real storyline and art direction that lives up to expectations.

comic Summoners War: Legacy
Do you validate the pencil stroke?

New characters

At the heart of the plot of the Summoners War:Legacy comic, we will follow the young apprentice Rai, who will be taken under the wing of Abuus Dein. She will undertake a long and dangerous training to learn all the secrets of magic and gain power. The comic will also look at the formation and history of the mysterious land of Alea. Fans of the game will also learn more about Durand, the NPC from Summoners War. Indeed, the reader will cross paths with his parents!

NPC Durand: Summoners War

Summoners War has a huge community that appreciates the various initiatives of the publisher to bring the game to life. The last world championships were a success and this comic should follow suit.

Comic Summoners War: Legacy, physical release only in the US

For interested fans, there is one small detail to know before you get excited. To get the physical version of the comic, you will have to go to the United States... Only a limited number of shops will sell the work and it is not certain that many plan to sell it internationally... However, European fans and those from the rest of the world have not been totally forgotten. On April 28th Summoners War: Legacy will be available on digital platforms (Amazon Kindle, Apple Books or Google Play).

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