The game Company of Heroes is coming to mobile

Poster of Company of Heroes on mobile

Company of Heroes is a classic that has taken its time to come to mobile. Originally released in 2006 on PC, it appeared earlier this year on iPad and will be available from September 10th on phones(iOS and Android) for just under 12 euros. Playing this RTS (Real Time Strategy) allows you to relive the Second World War in total immersion through strategic battles.

The development studio in charge of the port, Feral Interactive, is a regular in historical games. After its series of three games ROME: Total Warthey hope to once again sublimate an important period in our history that continues to fascinate.

A very quick trailer that leaves you a little hungry.

Company of Heroes : a realistic strategy game

From your mobile, Company of Heroes offers you the opportunity to relive the Second World War as a general of the time. In command of two American military units (Able and Fox), you will have the heavy responsibility of fighting the Germans. From the D-Day landings to the total liberation of Normandy, the narrative is based on two fictitious companies, but the historical details are very real.

In the course of the story, as a commander, you will have to learn to manage all your troops in real time . As in war, every second of hesitation can be fatal and the pace of battle is particularly high. The lives of your men and the outcome of battles depend solely on you. Learn to command your different soldiers (snipers, paratroopers, mortar sections, armoured cars...). Get the best out of them, depending on their characteristics.

An overview of Company of Heroes on mobile.
The iPad version was well received.

An even more dynamic mobile version

The mobile version of Company of Heroes will be based on the original game's storyline and features. However, Feral Interactive has promised to have worked extensively on the sensitivity and control of the gameplay via thetouch screen. There will be an integrated command wheel so that instructions can be given instinctively.

The mobile medium also offers a rather favourable environment for Company of Heroes. The pace of the game, which was already intense at the outset, should be even more dynamic. The touch screen allows you to be fully immersed in the war. In addition, this version of the RTS comes with a number of new features to make the game experience more fluid. There are new filters to quickly sort your units and some maps have been reworked to offer new tactical details. For strategy lovers, this mobile game seems to be worth a look.

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