Cookie Run: Kingdom, a cute new RPG!

Cookie Run: Kingdom

In this world of bullies, a touch of sweetness and candy always warms the heart. Cookie Run: Kingdom, developed by the Devsister studio, offers a colourful RPG adventure that takes you into the world of Cookies. After Cookie Run: OvenBreak (endless runner) and Cookie Run: Puzzle World (match-3), this new opus allows you to plunge even further into this fantastic universe and find your favourite Cookies.

A game trailer that might make you hungry.

What brings together a gourmet chef, a visionary architect and an ingenious strategist? The answer is creativity and organisational skills. Both of these qualities are brought to the fore in Cookie Run: Kingdom. You will have the heavy responsibility of building the best possible Cookie composition to face the enemies. Various obstacles will stand in your way, so you have to think carefully about the members of your team. It's up to you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your recruits, while leading them with a masterful hand. In particular, you will need to work on your timings to activate the skills of your troops.

But Cookie Run: Kingdom will not only require you to build your team. In the background and in the long run, it will also be about building your kingdom. From a magic lab to a juice bar to a jelly factory, the possibilities are endless.

Cookie Run: Kingdom, kingdom and workers

A progression and a real scenario

To build a team and a kingdom, however, you will need to accumulate sufficient resources in Cookie Run: Kingdom. To do this, progress through the storyline via the story levels. These will reveal more about the world of Cookies, which hides some old secrets that might have been better forgotten. But as a good adventurer, don't shy away from the dangers 😉

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