New Pinecone Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom's 2022 Year End for Christmas

Release of the Pinecone Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom's Year End 2022 Update

Without waiting for the end of the year, the Korean studio Devsisters offers its community a Cookie Run Kingdom update with the Pinecone Cookie as a gift under the tree. The Year End 2022 update follows the last update, Stories by the Fireplace. The latter added the Carol Cookie support and the Sherbet Cookie, a ranged shooter. For more rewards easy in-game for Christmas, check out our list of CRK gift codes.

A newcomer to Cookie Run Kingdom, Pinecone Cookie was originally an NPC who finally joins the fabulous CRK cookie roster. Voiced by Mara Junot in English (Mist in God of War Ragnarok, Lisa in Genshin Impact and other voices in Arcane or LoL for example), the Pinecone Cookie sets the tone for the holidays. An epic cookie, the pinecone is placed in a Bomber Ball at the front of your composition.

Pinecone Cookie release and CRK Year End update

Check out his special pinecone bomb attack. With its bomb, Pinecone Cookie CRK uses a tree golem as a mount to heal itself. The attack also supports the two cookies with the highest ATK. In fact, it allows them to regenerate their HP.

In addition, the special Cookie bombards the strongest enemies and freezes them with its winter power. Perfectly suited to the Christmas theme, Cookie Run: Kingdom's Pinecone Cookie is available now in-game alongside the Year End 2022 update.

Cookie Run Kingdom Pinecone Cookie released with the voice of Mara Junot

More sweet holidays with this CRK Year End update

After the Sweet Chaos Tower expansion, it's the turn of the Squirrel Shop to be updated with Year End 2022 from CRK. You can now get Christmas decorations for your field and exclusive holiday rewards .

Along with the release of Cookie Run: Kingdom's Pinecone Cookie, the Licorice Cookie is in the spotlight with its own magical candy that spawns aggressive spirits to deal with the waves of minions. But you can also play more comfortably this Christmas by playing Cookie Run: Kingdom on PC.

The Pinecone Cookie CRK release date and Year End update is December 15. And even though this is a new addition to the character roster, don't forget to go vote for your favorite Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Vote in the poll available in-game throughout the holiday season!

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