Warframe mobile coming to Android and iOS in crossplay

Crossplay Warframe Android

The popular shooter Warframe is about to hit Android and iOS devices. Initially published on PC and consoles, it is now the turn of Warframe on phones to see the light of day. The game also offers savegames synchronisation on all its platforms. Let's discover the crossplay features as well as the global gameplay of the future mobile Warframe.

Warframe mobile, a cross-platform free-to-play title coming soon

Are you familiar with theaction RPG Warframe? It's a 2013 TPS, first published on PC and PS4 and then released on Xbox One. The Digital Extremes franchise has been growing ever since and attracting new players around the world. A version for Nintendo Switch was released quite recently, preceding the latest ports of the title to Xbox Series X and PS5.

This time, the game is going way beyond expectations. Building on its continued growth, the developers have announced the release of a mobile version of Warframe, an Android and iOS Warframe! Still in development, the game promises new possibilities and features right in our pocket. See for yourself the first glimpses of the gameplay at TennoCon 2021.

Warframe mobile announces 2021
Mobile Warframe

Impressive, isn't it? That's not all, because Warframe mobile will offer crossplay. This means you'll be able to play with users on other devices, switch between phone and PC and access cross-saving. In other words, save your progress regardless of the platform you use. This way, you'll enjoy CoD Mobile-like gameplay, while continuing your game on a larger screen if you wish. Or, on the contrary, on mobile devices if you need to move! In this sense, the game should come much closer to the functionality of Fortnite mobile.

A crossplay shooter whose release date is still unknown. We are very much hoping for more information in the meantime. As always, we'll keep you updated on the release date of Warframe Android and iOS.

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