Dead by Daylight Mobile already 3 million downloads


It's been just over a month since studio Behaviour Interactive ported their Dead by Daylight tracking game to Android and iOS called Dead by Daylight Mobile.

And we can say that it is a success because in just one month, the game has already been downloaded more than 3 million times! It should be noted that when it was released, it had gained 2 million downloads in 48 hours (which is quite an achievement).

To celebrate this event, mobile gamers are treated to a new killer: LeatherFace from the famous horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. (Already present in the console version)

He is equipped with a heavy hammer and his chainsaw. He also has 3 skills:

  • K.O.: The aura of critically ill survivors is not revealed when they are out of reach of others, and on top of that, the brutal attacks prevent the simple act of shouting for help.
  • Franklin's Fall: Upon impact of your cruel attack, the survivors drop their item which loses a portion of its charge.
  • Chili and Barbecue: You can read the potential of auras. Once you have hung a survivor on the end of a hook, you will be able to see the auras of the survivors still alive for 3s if they are more than 36 metres from the hook.

And in addition to the addition of this new Killer, experience gained is now linked to the character played and Treacherous Waters Collection clothing is available in the in-game shop.

Enjoy the chainsaw!

Hakio Co-founder of JeuMobi and passionate about virtual worlds of all kinds. It seems that Try Hard is also part of his vocabulary.

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