Free Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles demo

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Demo

The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remastered edition continues to be a long time coming. Square Enix has set the release date for August 27th and has announced news that should please fans.
The game, available on iOS and Android, will offer a free demo version: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Lite. Remember that the game will be cross-platform. It will therefore be possible to play from your mobile with console players!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles demo to be free

The free demo will offer a substantial but limited gameplay experience. Only the first 3 dungeons will be available. But if you play with a friend who has the full version you will then have access to the first 13 dungeons. This is a move that really supports this cooperative multiplayer game with up to 4 players.

Official game trailer

Square Enix has also thought of everything. It will be possible to transfer the save data from the demo to the full version of the game. After this exploration of the fantasy universe, choose whether or not you want to continue the adventure.
This is an interesting marketing calculation, as the game should still cost around 40 euros on console and 24 euros on mobile. This is a substantial sum at a time when many franchises are free-to-play.

New features for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The demo is not the only announcement that has been made by the game's publisher. Originally released in 2004 and exclusively on GameCube, the re-mastered Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will offer new features. It should be even more enjoyable and immersive.

Final Fantasy Cristal Chronicles gameplay preview
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles gameplay overview
  • quick chat : keywords to quickly communicate with other players online;
  • magic timer: a common timer to coordinate and act at the same pace;
  • improvement of the interface: addition of a mini-map ;
  • Customise your appearance: customise your appearance and that of NPCs;
  • new dungeons : at least one completely new dungeon at the end of the adventure;
  • updatedmusic: more than 50 soundtracks have been reworked to improve quality.

We can't wait to try this free demo! We will tell you more as soon as it is released!

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