Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Closed Beta Launched

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat released as an Android and iOS mobile game

Powered by the Nebulajoy studio, the next title of the DMC license is finally launching on mobile this week. Indeed, the release of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat scheduled for this Friday, March 24 finally brings a new action-packed opus for Nero and Dante. Find out more about the dynamic gameplay and dark atmosphere of this new mobile game.

The release of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is finally here

It has to be said that fans of the DMC license haven't had a new game to sink their teeth into since 2019. So, this release of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat on phone may not be the long-awaited PC release but will certainly delight the most impatient to play Devil May Cry 6.

Release of Devil May Cry POC on mobile by Capcom with Dante and Nero

This phone action game first appeared on the stores in China in 2021. Having not given any news for a while, Nebulajoy finally brought Devil May Cry: POC out of oblivion by opening a global pre-registration phase for DMC POC.

Demonic co-op gameplay on Android and iOS phones

In this new installment of Capcom's famous demon-laden license, play as Nero and his companions, alone or with others! Even on mobile, you can take advantage of co-op to show off your legendary fighting style. When Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat hits phones on March 24, you'll find iconic bosses, locations and characters

During battles, enjoy a free combination of attack skills and combos inspired by the original DMC license. The character movements realized in motion capture offer a fluid animation with good impact sensations. Find the game on Google Play if you play on Android or on the official website to access the Appstore page at launch!

Launch of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Google Play and Appstore

To tease the release of Devil May Cry Peak of Combat, Capcom let you play with Dante in the Free Fire x DMC crossover. Whether you know or not this IP from Capcom, it's a chance to discover a mobile action game with friends this weekend and dive into the story of Nero to perfect your personal video game culture.

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