Devolver Tumble Time released on Android and iOS

Devolver Tumble Time released on Android and iOS

Get ready to dive into a colorful and frenetic world with the Devolver Tumble Time release, the new match 3 from Devolver Digital studio on Android and iOS. We give you our first impressions of this game that takes the absurd seriously and goes to the end of its ideas to criticize the business model of mobile games, especially gacha.

Devolver Tumble Time release for free on mobile

With the Devolver Tumble Time release on Android and iOS, Devolver Digital humorously denounces the abusive business model of mobile games to make players spend. We already told you about this absurdly humorous game whenpre-registration opened.

In this match-3 parody with minimalist and colorful art direction, complete objectives in 60-second levels by linking combos that will allow you to trigger your characters' skills. When you accumulate 7 or more identical elements, they turn into bombs of various kinds depending on the number of elements.

At the beginning of the game, to get your first characters from rank C to A, search the trash for money earned in the levels. To purchase premium characters from B to S rank, you must use gachapon in exchange for items to be collected in the game or purchased in packs.

How the business model works

Even though it's a parody, Devolver's Tumble Time release on mobile offers an experience that's largely on par with the games it denounces. The gameplay is simple, effective and fluid, the difficulty increases with progression and the game is full of content.

Each time you complete a level, you lose one of your five hearts. When you run out, you can wait for them to recharge at the rate of one every fifteen minutes. If you're in a hurry, head to the store where you can watch ads to regain lives. There is a touch of humor in this game, as you have to watch two commercials to win a heart, while you only have to watch one to win two.

Gameplay of the Devolver Tumble Time release

If you want to spend money, you can also get unlimited hearts for 999 years for 2.99 euros, which is only 0.0029 euros per year, so go for this bargain. There is also an ultimate pack to unlock everything at once with unlimited hearts for 114,99 euros. On a more serious note, as long as you're willing to watch a few ads, you can totally enjoy the free-to-play game.

That's it for our first impressions of the Devolver Tumble Time release on iOS and Android. To discover other games of the genre, I invite you to consult our top of the best match-3 on mobile.

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