New Espers Dislyte : Ollie, Laura, Nicole and Meredith

New espers Dislyte Ollie Mérédith Nicole and Laura

You certainly couldn't miss the bomb Dislyte in recent weeks. The title from Lilith Games, officially released last week, has convinced players at a glance, thanks to its assumed AD and its crazy musical atmosphere. For May 31st, we discover the first update Dislyte and the new Espers, Meredith, Ollie, Laura and Nicole as well as their respective supporting powers. But this update is also an opportunity to balance the bosses of the different Erebiums and to unlock new events, so let's quickly go through the patch notes.

New Espers support: Nicole, Laura, Meredith and Ollie

The new Espers Dislyte have been revealed in a teaser video on the game's official Youtube channel. Ollie, Laura, Nicole and Meredith are revealed as new supporting Espers to the current roster of characters.

This update Dislyte is definitely placed under the sign of new Espers support, with a pronounced penchant for Egyptian gods. There are 4 new Espers in the patch notes for the 31 May update:

  • Esper Ollie - Osiris Dislyte : A 5-star Aqua hero and support-type Esper, Ollie can CC his enemies with Silence and Provocation in addition to saving an ally from a fatal hit and returning damage to his opponents. This is his ultimate skill, which takes advantage of Elevation to inflict bonus damage based on his target's max HP.
  • Esper Laura - Neith: Rather tanky, Laura from Dislyte is a 4 star Sparkling heroine. She too can Silence an enemy, shield her allies, and deal damage based on her own max HP, as well as being able to counterattack once Raised. Her ultimate attack is Iron Wall, which shields your entire composition and CRIT Resist.
  • Esper Nicole - Nepthys: Focused on reviving in-extremis, Nicole is a 4-star Scintillating Esper support. Like a Zilean in LoL, her Soul Guard special effect resurrects a wearing ally if they are mortally wounded and gives them a boost in HP. Once the skill is raised, the Soul Guard effect also grants Cheat Death and Recovery to the resurrected ally Esper. As an ultimate skill, Nicole from Dislyte attacks all enemies and wounds them in proportion to her own max HP. This attack also boosts all allies, who gain Invincibility and the weakest ally gains Soul Guard.
  • Esper Meredith - Scylla: Based on music and poison, the heroine's gameplay in conjunction with Scylla mixes shielding to allies, poisoning and life transfer from enemies to your Espers. Meredith is a wind-type support Esper available in the Lone Star event and then in the golden discs once the event in this update Dislyte is over.

Event, Holocombat and the first skin Dislyte : Mona Artémis

In addition to these 4 new Espers Dislyte (Meredith, Ollie, Laura and Nicole), new features are coming in-game with this update, especially on the club side with the Holocombat mode. You can discover all the info on this mode in the patch notes Dislyte in the In-game Announcements menu.

The first update to the game since its official launch also benefits from the arrival of the first skin Dislyte for the Esper Mona. The skin Mona Artemis has delighted the community who have been waiting to show off their first cosmetic additions. You will finally be able to use the Skins tab. I hope that Mona is part of your composition, if not you will have to wait until the next update.

First skin Dislyte  Mona Artemis and patch notes for the new Espers update
New skin Mona Artémis from the MAJ Dislyte of 31 May

You can also take advantage of the "Lone Star" event to get Meredith for free at Dislyte and let your Scylla skills shine. To unlock her, you'll just have to complete dedicated quest stages. The first part of the adventure will run from 31 May to 7 June, when the second part will be available.

Take the opportunity to save your gold discs until the 31st and unlock the new Espers. We are also waiting to find out how to obtain the skin Mona Artemis, the first skin Dislyte ever offered by Lilith Games. By the way, the next update will certainly take place around June 15, given the duration of the events in this patch Dislyte.

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