Dead Cells' Fatal Falls DLC to be released on January 26

DLC Fatal Falls

Fans of the rogue-like Dead Cells can rub their hands together. The adventure game from Bordeaux-based developers Motion Twin will release its Fatal Falls DLC on 26 January. The latter will cost the sum of 4.99 euros and promises new and even more exciting gameplay sessions. It will allow you to explore new worlds and encounter monsters never seen before. See you in less than 10 days for those ready to take up the challenge!

Beware, however, of false joy for mobile gamers. The Fatal Falls DLC will be released at the end of January on PC and console (including Switch) only. Those who are used to playing on phones(Android or iOS), will still have to wait to taste this new adventure... There is no official date for the porting of this extension yet.

The trailer for the new Fatal Falls DLC

Fatal Falls DLC: paid but acceptable content

Some players are not very fond of paid DLC (downloadable content), they are reluctant to pay again to play the game. While some licenses may abuse this process, this criticism can't really be applied to Dead Cells. Since its early access release (2017), 22 major updates have been rolled out! Furthermore, the Fatal Falls DLC is the only paid content after the Bad Seeds DLC.

Players should also get their money's worth with Fatal Falls. This expansion introduces two new biomes (The Broken Temple and Eternal Shores). Eight new psychotic enemies will also be introduced to throw a wrench in the works. Players will also be able to get their hands on 7 new weapons, including scythes and state-of-the-art outfits. So it's safe to say that Motion Twin isn't messing with you!

DLC Fatal Falls

The Fatal Seed Bundle: for maximum savings

Fans of the game who have not yet purchased the expansions, can get the Bad Seeds DLC and the Fatal Falls DLC at the same time for a discounted price of €19.99, a 33% saving. Let's hope for mobile gamers that the offer is also on when the port is completed 😉

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