Dragon Quest Champions Mobile Announcement

Dragon Quest Champions Mobile Announcement

Square Enix has just announced Dragon Quest Champions on mobile, the next RPG in the Dragon Quest IP on Android and iOS. While the studio has closed several of its games lately, such as Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights, everything seems to be going well on the Koei Tecmo side with this new title revealed. Let's find out together what we can expect from this game and how to sign up for the beta that starts at the end of the month.

Dragon Quest Champions: Square Enix's Mobile RPG

Square Enix, the publisher known for franchises such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, recently announced Dragon Quest Champions on mobile, a JRPG based on the Dragon Quest IP, famous for its art direction overseen by Akira Toriyama, the Dragon Ball creator.

During a long live session, we were able to discover more than an hour of gameplay of this RPG turn-based, from exploration to combat, including menus and characters. Fans of the Dragon Quest IP will be pleased to find a design faithful to the original games, with a colorful fantasy world populated by dragons, demons and many other legends.

Discover the new scenario and immerse yourself in the universe in the story mode. If you're more interested in PvP, you'll be able to compete in tournament mode with up to 50 players.

How to register for the Square Enix's new mobile game beta?

For a chance to participate in the Dragon Quest Champions mobile beta, visit the game's official website to register from January 18 to 29, before the beta opens from February 6 to 13, 2023. A total of 20,000 lucky people, 10,000 on Android and 10,000 on iOS, will be able to test the game in advance.

Dragon Quest Champions Mobile Gameplay

However, you will need to have a Square Enix account to access it. And that's where our hopes end, since if you tried, you might have noticed that creating a Square Enix account via the link provided is only accessible in Japan. We are crossing our fingers that a new phase of test will give us the opportunity to play Dragon Quest Champions on mobile soon.

That's it for theannouncement of Dragon Quest Champions on mobile. We'll have to wait to get more information about this Square Enix RPG, probably with a beta leak as we see more and more often. In the meantime, check out our top mobile MMORPGs to discover other games of the genre.

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