Pre-registration opens for Dragonheir: Silent Gods, an RPG from Nuverse

Pre-register for Dragonheir: Silent Gods mobile and PC

Following on the heels of the success of Marvel Snap, Nuverse is looking to do the same with its next title, the RPG Dragonheir, scheduled for release in the second half of 2023. This week, Dragonheir: Silent Gods launches its pre-registration to allow interested players to get early access to the game and obtain unique rewards .

A high fantasy RPG inspired by the paper role-playing game

The story to build in Dragonheir: Silent Gods consists of various missions with several possible paths. The free-to-play world allows you to travel, take part in RPG-inspired battles with the positioning of your heroes as the key to battle strategy, just like in chess.

Screenshot Dragonheir: Silent Gods gameplay for pre-registration

Among the heroes to be gathered, many races mix and match and the advanced character customization makes the possibilities almost endless. Along with the opening of pre-registration for Dragonheir: Silent Gods, we discover gameplay in PvE and even in ranked PvP. Indeed, the game has benefited from 30 days of beta test in December 2022, which allowed us to learn more about it. The more than 80 heroes available in-game enjoy beautiful graphics that, with the gacha system, will surely remind you of the high fantasy universe of RAID: Shadow Legends.

Far from being as retro as Vendir: Plague of Lies, Dragonheir: Silent Gods modernizes the mechanics of the paper role-playing game in a sandbox world that lives on the rhythm of daily and global events. Enter the Chaos Universum by pre-registering now for Nuverse's next game!

Pre-register for Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Between dice rolls and epic epic, find Dragonheir: Silent Gods in pre-registration now before the worldwide release of the game. To pre-register, simply use your email address to enter it on the pre-registration pop-up on the game's official website.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods mobile and PC pre-registration visual

You will then be one of the players who will receive a notification when Dragonheir: Silent Gods is released, as well as a bonus reward for joining the game community early. And if you are also playing on PC, there is no pre-registration for Dragonheir: Silent Gods on Steam. However, you can still add it to your wishlist and follow the game so you don't miss its release.

Dragonheir release date on mobile and PC

No specific release date for Dragonheir: Silent Gods has been announced yet. However, it is known that the title will be released before the end of 2023 on all supports. Therefore, you won't have to wait long before you can try Dragonheir, or DSG, on mobile and PC. Personally, I'm really looking forward to entering the game's Chaos Universum, but I'm afraid that the automatic combat (even as an option) will end up spoiling the experience.

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