Release of Dynasty Legends 2 on Android and iOS

Exit from Dynasty Legends 2

Rediscover the history of the three kingdoms of China with the Dynasty Legends 2 release on Android and iOS. We reveal our first impressions of this frenetic action game in which you'll face off against entire armies with many iconic characters with various skills.

Dynasty Legends 2 realease, the MMORPG of the three kingdoms

The Chinese studio HK Taihe Interactive has just announced Dynasty Legends 2 release after several weeks of test in Asia. This Dynasty Legends: Warriors Unite sequel is based on its predecessor, but the graphic improvement is considerable.

The character design is very good and the outfits show a lot of detail. The scenery is also very beautiful and the cinematics are very well done.

To quickly address the game's shortcomings, movement in combat lacks fluidity and the screen is too full of information.

Dynasty Legends 2  release: gameplay

As far as content is concerned, you won't be bored. Between the main story, the daily quests, the challenges and the limited time events, you can spend many hours on the game. Especially since, unlike some titles, Dynasty Legends is generous with energy, which means that you can complete missions without having to spend money.

An obvious inspiration

We won't lie to ourselves, when Dynasty Legends 2 is released, we notice that it is very strongly inspired by the Dynasty Warriors license of the Omega Force studio.

First of all, it uses the same framework and you will find the three dynasties Wei, Wu and Shu as well as emblematic characters such as Liu Bei, Zhao Yun or Zhang Fei.

Lui Bei in Dynasty Legends 2

But the similarity doesn't stop there. The gameplay is also very similar. In the middle of a battlefield, you have to face hundreds of soldiers as well as enemy generals. As the maps are large, you can move around on horseback, and even attack from your mount.

However, Dynasty Legends 2 differs from Dynasty Warriors by its MMORPG aspect. Indeed, you can face your opponents in PvP in several modes.

In the Arena, battles are between 2 players who each control a team of 3 characters, accompanied by their lieutenant. The developers have also indicated that a 120 player mode will be available at a later date.

Zhao Yun in Dynasty Legends 2

That's it for our first impressions of the Dynasty Legends 2 release on iOS and Android. To discover other games of the same genre, I redirect you to our top of the best MMORPGs on mobile.

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