eFootball 2022 mobile release delayed

eFootball 2022 mobile released

While Konami has just made official via Twitter the arrival of eFootball 2022 v1.0.0 on consoles and PC on April 14th, the release of eFootball 2022 mobile is once again postponed. The reason for this is that the developers have given priority to correcting errors on the PC and console versions.

eFootball 2022 mobile gameplay trailer

After the success of the mobile version of eFootball 2021 (over 100 million downloads), it is only natural that Konami is preparing a new version of its free-to-play football simulation game.

Logically named eFootball 2022 mobile, this new opus has already revealed its first images. These visuals were published in September 2021 in a gameplay trailer of over 6 minutes.

However, 6 months after the launch of the first version on PC and consoles, the developers are still working on resolving server and matchmaking problems. It's a recurring problem in previous iterations of the licence that the studio is working hard to solve.

Meanwhile, only the current version continues to receive patches and content updates.

A mobile version of 2022 cancelled?

For the moment, no release date has been announced. Moreover, it is not impossible that Konami decides to cancel the 2022 edition completely to concentrate on the 2023 edition.

Indeed, football games are usually released in September to coincide with the start of the professional season. It remains to be seen whether the studio will choose to change its calendar by keeping this several-month gap. This option carries a lot of risk in a market already largely dominated by Electronics Arts and its annual FIFA.

eFootball 2022 mobile release: Gameplay

In any case, we should have more information soon about a possible release of eFootball 2022 mobile.

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