Era of Conquest beta available in July

Era of Conquest Beta

From next month, join the Era of Conquest beta to test the game before its worldwide release. Set out to conquer new territories and build your empire to keep your civilisation alive. Let's find out what's in store for us in this 4X strategy game developed by the Chinese studio 4399.

Era of Conquest beta coming soon to Android

While the game has already been available in China since the end of last year, its global release is fast approaching. Before that, Era of Conquest beta phase will be deployed on Android and PC during July.

In Era of Conquest, you play as a fallen emperor. You start from scratch and must prove yourself to regain your reputation and influence.

Era of Conquest Beta: Civilization

In total, you will be able to choose between 10 civilisations. The full list is not available, but we already know that we will be able to play as the French, British, Germans, Romans, Japanese, Arabs and Vikings.

If you have already played Rise of Kingdoms or one of its many imitations, you will not be disoriented since Era of Conquest uses exactly the same principle.

A very classic 4X strategy game

In the Era of Conquest beta, as in all games of the genre, the objective is to manage your city and make it grow by constructing buildings. To do this, it is necessary to explore the surroundings to collect resources, but also to form troops to wage war and conquer new territories.

In PvP mode, you will be able to play against players from all over the world as the servers will be global and crossplay. 19 languages will be supported in the Era of Conquest beta, including English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Era of Conquest Beta: Battlefield visual

Battles will take place in real time with sieges of fortresses that can accommodate up to 6,000 units on the battlefield. It will also be possible to join an alliance that will send you reinforcements for both attack and defence.

That's it for the upcoming Era of Conquest beta. The worldwide release of the game is planned for 2022 on iOS, Android and PC, without any further details for the moment. If you want to discover another 4X strategy game, much more original, we recommend Kingdom Makerrecently released on iOS and Android.

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