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Clash Royale League 2023: Samuel Bassotto ends August as champion esport

Samuel Bassotto, winner of season 6 of the Clash Royale League 2023 in esport

Season 6 of the Clash Royale League 2023 at esport has just come to a close, and Samuel Bassotto has been crowned August champion! Here, we take a look back at the August final of this Clash Royale League 2023, and examine the journey, and the deck, of the winner of the grand final: Samuel Bassotto, who has thus qualified for the Clash Royale World Finals 2023.

Decks foresport Clash Royale and those aiming for the Golden Ticket

Let's take a look at the CR winner's strategy. To give you a clear idea, here are the decks used in the grand finale of this season 6 of the Clash Royale League 2023 at esport:

Clash Royale League 2023 Final Deck 1 Esport
Samuel Bassotto's Deck 2 in esport CR of August 2023 against Mohamed Light
Game 3 decks for the grand finale of the Clash Royale League 2023 in esport

You'll also find a whole host ofCR tips for creating the best card decks around.

Samuel Bassotto's run in the August final of the Clash Royale League 2023 in esport

Samuel Bassotto has won the Golden Ticket to the esport Clash Royale Worlds Finals in 2023. Let's take a look at his League career during this tournament and his decks!

A full replay of the final is available on the dedicated Youtube channel created by publisher Supercell. I've posted the grand finale opposite.

Day 1: A summit semi-final with Mohamed Light

The esport CR final began on August 19, 2023 with the top 8 players from each group, and lasted two days. On Day 1, for his first match in the quarter-finals, Samuel Bassotto did well, beating Adriel 2-1. But the Winner Bracket semi-finals were to be a different kettle of fish: he had to face Mohamed Light, the Clash Royale League 2022 world champion. Nevertheless, Samuel pulled off a fine feat to win 2-0, a minor miracle for the player!

Day two: A grand finale esport for Bassotto

On this second day, the Winner Bracket final pitted Samuel Bassotto against Mugi, and Samuel emerged victorious! But it was time for the grand final, in which Samuel Bassotto had to face Mohamed Light again, who survived the loser bracket. A clash worthy of the Shonens!

The first two games were close: 1-1. The third would prove crucial, but it was played out quickly: Samuel managed to take a tower early on, thanks to the powerful Barbarians Evolution, and thus managed to take down the formidable Mohamed Light, who had never lost a final in which he had participated.

By winning the event, Samuel Bassotto qualified directly for the 2023 Clash Royale World Finals next November, and also pocketed the sum of $16,000!

We'll be back soon for another Clash Royale summit tournament and even more esport CR League during the Worlds Finals in November.

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